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Addiction Treatment Safety During COVID-19

A therapist talking with her patient while following safety protocols to protect against COVID-19.
The Raleigh House has implemented increased protocols to protect its clients and staff from the COVID-19 virus

Like addiction, the COVID-19 virus doesn’t discriminate and can infect anyone at any time. One group of people it hits the hardest, though, is those struggling with addiction. A recent retrospective case-control study of electronic health records found that individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder were at significantly higher risk of contracting COVID-19. These individuals were also more likely to suffer adverse outcomes (hospitalizations or death) than people not struggling with addiction.

This has required addiction treatment centers to increase their safety protocols in an effort to protect their clients from the virus. In doing so, addiction treatment centers like The Raleigh House are actually one of the safest places to be.

COVID-19 Health Protocols for Addiction Treatment Centers

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) released guidelines and resources to help addiction treatment providers continue to provide care as safely as possible. This has allowed people like you to continue getting the addiction treatment they need.

The ASAM has recommended that residential treatment centers implement the following policies:

  1. Face coverings for all staff members and clients, especially when in the addiction treatment facility and common areas.
  2. Limited or no visitor policies in an effort to protect all clients and staff.
  3. Telehealth options for clients who are able to receive treatment from the comfort of their own home or who need to quarantine.
  4.  Procedures for quarantining clients who have tested positive for the virus or who have had exposure to the virus but are asymptomatic.
  5. Screen entrants to the treatment center to identify COVID-19 symptoms and use noncontact temperature checks when possible.
  6. Develop comprehensive hygiene and cleaning protocols for all staff members to follow.
  7. Limit group activities to less than 10 people and encourage social distancing as much as possible.

Client Health and Safety at The Raleigh House

If you’re searching for addiction treatment, you’ll be in good hands at The Raleigh House. Our residential wellness lodge is outside of Denver, giving you a private place to recover from addiction away from the risk of large outbreaks of the virus. We also only take 8 clients for detox and 14 clients for residential treatment at a time, which means you’ll be in a smaller setting that significantly lowers your chances of contracting the virus.

Beyond our location and small client occupancy, we have taken precautions in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ASAM recommendations. For example, we maintain a multidisciplinary team responsible for deploying all CDC recommendations and we follow strict screening policies at all levels of the admissions process.

We have suspended visitation to protect all those receiving treatment at The Ranch and continue adding additional infection control policies, as needed. You can view the full list of our COVID-19 precautions and protocols here.

If you’re suffering from addiction, don’t wait another minute to seek treatment. The Raleigh House can help you overcome your substance abuse while keeping you safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Rewrite Your Story at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, our gold standard continuum of care can guide you towards long-term sobriety. Using an east to west approach, our evidence-based treatments and experiential therapies can help you detox from your substance of use, uncover why you started using in the first place and develop the necessary skills to prevent relapse.

Are you ready to regain a sober, fulfilling life? Contact our admissions team today to find out how to get started.

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