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How to Prepare Your Loved One for Addiction Treatment

A woman helping her loved one prepare for addiction treatment.
Explore ways you can help your loved one prepare for addiction treatment today.

Your loved one has been through a lot before they made the decision to seek addiction treatment. While you’re proud that they are moving their recovery forward, you wish there was something more you could do to help them during this crucial step.

You can’t go with your loved one to addiction treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them get ready. Think about the last time you got nervous before a trip. You might have been worried about your pets or experienced anxiety trying to make sure you packed everything you needed. How nice would it have been to have a helping hand to get you sent off on the right foot?

The good news is, you have the potential to be that person for your loved one who’s about to enter addiction treatment. Get an inside look at how you can help your loved one prepare for rehab below.

How You Can Help Your Loved One Prepare for Addiction Treatment

1. Be There for Emotional Support

If you’ve ever been on a roller coaster, you probably cycled through excitement and anxiety while waiting in line. It’s common for people going to addiction treatment to experience that same feeling.

If your loved one is feeling anxious about leaving for treatment, start by checking in with them a couple times a day to see how they’re doing. You can also set aside time each day to talk. After all, you’re part of their support system right now. Help your loved one keep a positive mental outlook by sharing moments where you felt anxious about a life transition and reminding them of their personal strength.

2. Help Them Take Care of Their Obligations

Before your loved one goes to rehab, they’ll want to make sure any financial, work or family obligations are taken care of. How can you help? Well, that depends on your loved one’s situation. For example, if they’re a sibling with kids, you could help them find childcare while they are in treatment.

You can also be there for support if your loved one needs to inform others about their plans to go to rehab. Whether they have to inform their employer or other members of the family, you can help them tell those individuals or be there to talk to afterwards.

Another easy way to help your loved one prepare for rehab is with their bills. You can work with them to set up automatic bill pay, so they won’t have to worry about keeping up with their financing in rehab.

3. Help Your Loved One Pack for Treatment

Most addiction treatment centers have rules about what clients are allowed to bring. You can help your loved one start off on the right foot by helping them pack. First, you’ll want to check to see if the treatment center has a recommended packing list.

Some of the essentials you’ll want to make sure your loved one packs include:

  • Stamps and envelopes so they can send letters
  • A notebook
  • A list of names, addresses and phone numbers of their loved ones and emergency contacts
  • Plenty of comfortable clothes
  • Their ID and any prescription medication that they need in the original bottle

The Raleigh House’s admissions team can help your loved one prepare for treatment. Our team can give your loved one more details about what they should bring to rehab and what they should expect. We can also answer any questions they have up until they pull into the driveway of The Ranch.

4. Make Sure Your Loved One is Getting Enough Sleep

It might not sound like a big deal, but having a solid sleep schedule can make the beginning of addiction treatment easier. Sleep plays a factor in our mood, and a healthy sleep schedule can help your loved have a positive attitude.

You can help your loved one keep a better sleep schedule by checking in with them in the early evening. Try to organize “sleep friendly” meals. Offer to cook dinner for them a few times a week and choose foods that are high in melatonin such as turkey, fish and nuts.

Your Loved One Can Break Free from Addiction

The Raleigh House is a premier addiction treatment center in Denver. We use an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment and want your loved one to reach lasting recovery. They will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and people who can relate and emphasize with their struggle.

We’ve been helping clients break free from addiction for over 10 years. Our staff are experts at helping your loved one address any underlying mental health disorder that might be fueling their addiction.

We know how hard addiction can be on people and their families, but there’s still hope. You have the power to make a difference in your loved one’s life. Contact our expert team today to learn more about how The Raleigh House can help support you and your loved one.

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