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Inpatient Drug Rehab Treatment

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Addiction is a disease that takes time, patience, dedication and care to recover from. At The Raleigh House, we provide inpatient drug rehab where you’ll heal from your addiction in a nurturing, home-like setting and be supported by our highly experienced clinical team.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab is the highest level of drug or alcohol treatment available where you live at the drug treatment facility for an extended period of time.

At The Raleigh House, you are enrolled in this intensive treatment program after our clinical team assesses your condition. Our addiction experts will work with you to determine factors like:

  • Your personal history of substance addiction
  • How severe your addiction is
  • If you need medically-assisted treatment or non-medically assisted treatment
  • If you’re suffering from any co-occurring disorders that will need to be addressed during treatment

Once enrolled, your inpatient drug rehab program will include a customized, holistic approach to tackling your specific substance addiction.

Components of Inpatient Drug Treatment at The Raleigh House

Inpatient drug rehab at The Raleigh House includes individual and group therapy sessions, therapeutic and recreational activities and a focus on mental health and nutrition.

Individual and Group Therapy

You will work with a Master’s level clinician during individual therapy sessions and meet regularly with other staff members in group therapy. These therapy sessions will help you work through the causes of your addiction and develop healthy coping skills for addiction cravings and any co-occurring disorders you’re suffering from.

Therapeutic and Recreational Activities

Overcoming your addiction means healing your mind, body and soul. Besides therapy, you’ll also take part in therapeutic and recreational activities like yoga, rock climbing, equine therapy and much more.


What you eat has a significant impact on how you feel day to day. During your time in inpatient rehab treatment, you will focus on eating a balanced diet that will help your mind and body recover and grow strong after addiction.

How Do I Know I Need Inpatient Drug Rehab?

If you’re wondering if inpatient rehab treatment is right for you, consider the following questions:

  • Have I tried less intensive rehab treatments in the past? If you’ve tried outpatient treatment or other rehab programs in the past and relapsed, you may need inpatient drug rehab to get you on the path to recovery.
  • Has my addiction derailed my entire life? If you’ve lost family, friends and your job because your drug or alcohol use has become your main priority, inpatient rehab treatment is the best option to help you break free from substance abuse and get your life back on track. 
  • Am I going to suffer from withdrawal symptoms? No matter what substance you’re addicted to, you’re going to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stop using. Withdrawal can be dangerous, requiring non-stop clinical supervision and support. 
  • Do I suffer from a co-occurring disorder? If you’ve used drugs or alcohol to cope with anxiety, depression or another mental health disorder, inpatient drug treatment is best to address both your addiction and mental health at the same time. 

How Do I Pay for Inpatient Rehab Treatment?

The Raleigh House works with most insurance providers on an out-of-network basis to help you pay for addiction treatment. Find out what insurance providers we work with and how you can verify your insurance. If insurance isn’t an option, you can also leverage healthcare financing and self-payment to cover inpatient treatment costs.

Start Inpatient Rehab Treatment at The Raleigh House

Inpatient drug rehab at The Raleigh House can help heal your mind, body and spirit and get you on the path to sobriety. Contact us to get more information about our inpatient rehab treatment program and start the admissions process.

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