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Our Mission is to Help You Rewrite Your Story After Addiction

About Us: The Raleigh House Story

At The Raleigh House, we believe there is always hope to recover from addiction. After all, we’re living proof of it. It’s our mission to provide a life-changing treatment experience that heals your mind, body and spirit from substance abuse.

Addiction doesn’t define who you are, but it does hold you back from living the life you want to live. Together, we can help you rewrite your story.

Where Our Story Begins

Our own story actually starts years before our founding in 2008. Our founder, Eric Lapp, had been in and out of more than a dozen addiction treatment centers since he started drinking and using drugs at the age of 15.

Eric saw drug use as a way to fill a void caused by being adopted at an early age. For Eric, substance abuse gave him the illusion of control and helped relieve the anxiety he had about peer relationships, the fear of not having his own identity and the belief that he was undeserving of attention.

It wasn’t until his 14th attempt at rehab that he realized what addiction had done to his life. With the help of a spiritual counselor staff member, Eric finally learned how to be comfortable with and accepting of himself. He realized that he was deserving of a better life, which paved the way for the creation of his own addiction treatment center in Denver.

Our Founding

Over the course of Eric’s recovery, he began thinking about what his own addiction treatment center would be like. From his own experiences in rehab, he knew what worked, what didn’t work and what he would want to do differently.

Once Eric was out of treatment and in a good place in his own life, he used the money he had at his disposal to start The Raleigh House. He purchased the essentials needed to fill a rehab center, then started to fill it with the people qualified and trained to work with those suffering from addiction.

How We’ve Grown

Since The Raleigh House’s founding, we’ve only continued to expand. Our staff quickly became a dedicated and passionate team of more than 60 clinicians, nurses, nutritionists and medical and psychiatric professionals.

We have licenses for multiple levels of addiction treatment that allow us to be a full continuum of care addiction rehab facility. From detox and residential treatment to intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment, we have been able to see people all the way through their recovery journey.

Where We Are Today

The Raleigh House has been in business for over 11 years and counting. We’ve helped more than 1,000 people get addiction treatment and we have no plans of stopping. In fact, we’re continuing to improve ourselves and, in some ways, we’re just getting started.

Today, our detox and residential treatment take place at The Ranch, our state-of-the-art wellness lodge that’s tucked away on 40 acres of Colorado land just outside of Denver. This tranquil, serene environment is where you can come to get away from your old life. This is where you can find peace and privacy to recover from addiction at your own pace.

From individual and group therapy sessions and a nutritional, five-star dining experience to holistic therapies like rock climbing and equine therapy, we have everything you need to heal your mind, body and spirit from substance abuse.

Once you’re done with residential treatment, we guide you through the rest of your treatment and recovery journey with our outpatient treatment and sober living services in Denver, CO. This is where we’ll help you transition back to everyday life without alcohol or drugs.

From our founding to where we are today and where we’re headed in the future, our mission is the same: To be a place unlike any other, where you can truly break free from addiction and rewrite your story.

Get Started Today at The Raleigh House

So, what are you waiting for? If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, there’s no better place to heal than The Raleigh House. Call 720.891.4657 or contact us online to learn how we can renew your hope in recovery and get you back on a path toward lasting sobriety.

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