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Frequently Asked Questions

The Raleigh House FAQ’s

If you still have questions about The Raleigh House and our addiction treatment center near Denver, CO, browse these frequently asked questions to find the information that you need or call 720.891.4657 to speak with a member of our team

How many people do you treat at one time?

Our wellness lodge outside of Denver has an on-site detox that can treat up to eight individuals at onetime. Our inpatient addiction treatment center can treat up to 18 individuals at once.

What does a typical week at The Raleigh House look like?

Each client’s schedule is tailored based on their unique needs and level of care. The weekly schedule includes group therapy, individual therapy, Recovery Dharma meetings, structured recreational activities, three meals a day and times for self-reflection and relaxation. The schedule is structured, safe and designed to help clients develop and practice healthy techniques and coping skills.

What kind of activities are offered?

Experiential activities are necessary to improve strength, confidence and a healthy, sober lifestyle. Activities include yoga, on-site equine therapy, rock climbing, circuit training, gym memberships, and more! To learn more, visit our addiction program activities page.

Am I allowed to have my phone or computer with me during treatment?

At The Raleigh House, clients are not permitted electronic devices for personal or professional use during treatment. Clients can make calls with case managers as needed and clinically appropriate.

What is the cost of treatment at The Raleigh House?

The cost of addiction treatment at The Raleigh House can vary depending on specific treatment needs and insurance coverage. To get a better understanding of what your treatment might cost, call us at 720.891.4657 to speak with a member of our team.

How do I pay for addiction treatment?

There are a variety of ways to pay for addiction treatment, including insurance, self-payment and even healthcare financing. Learn more about your payment options by calling our admissions team today.

What insurances do you accept?

The Raleigh House works with most major insurance providers to help get some or all of your treatment covered. To see our list of common insurance providers we work with, visit our insurance page. To verify your insurance, call our admissions team.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance coverage through an accepted healthcare provider, you are not out of options. There is a self-payment option for those who can make that commitment. Healthcare financing to help cover the cost of addiction treatment is also available.

How long does it take to recover?

The reality is that every addiction recovery journey is different. Different factors that can impact the time frame of recovery include your biochemistry, drug use history, type of substance use/abuse, and severity of the addiction. To learn more about what impacts recovery time, check out our blog post on this very topic.

How effective is addiction treatment?

Addiction is a chronic illness that requires treatment, ongoing management and healthy coping skills to maintain recovery. The effectiveness of addiction treatment depends on each individual’s challenge with substance abuse, motivation for treatment and support available in recovery. To learn more about our treatment programs at The Raleigh House, we encourage you to listen to what those who have gone before you have to say.

Is The Raleigh House licensed and accredited?

Yes! The Raleigh House is accredited by The Joint Commission and the Office of Behavioral Health.

What addictions does The Raleigh House treat?

The Raleigh House treats a vast variety of addictions, including:

Does The Raleigh House treat dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders?

Yes! The Raleigh House treats a variety of dual diagnose disorders, including anxiety disorders and addiction, depression and addiction, complex trauma and addiction, and PTSD and addiction. Learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Does The Raleigh House treat mental health disorders?

The Raleigh House is able to treat behavioral health disorders, including depression, anxiety, complex trauma and PTSD. Treatment for attachment disorder is also available. We are able to treat mental health disorders even if they do not accompany a substance addiction.

Does The Raleigh House offer family support?

Sessions with family members and significant others may be clinically recommended by the client’s assigned therapist. If deemed appropriate, the client will determine who is involved in their clinical support. Our family support program can include weekly family education sessions, family assignments and weekly check-ins. Learn more about our family support today.

What can I do to help my loved one who is struggling with addiction?

It can be challenging to know exactly what to say and do if a family member or friend is struggling with an addiction. You may not even know if you should get involved at all. Check out our page on How to Help a Loved One with Addiction to learn exactly what to do and what not to do.

Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

If you have any questions that were not addressed on our FAQ page, please reach out to us at 720.891.4657. You can also contact our team by filling out our contact us form today.


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