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Help Your Loved One Heal at The Raleigh House

Family Support During Addiction Treatment

We know how much you love your family member. We know how much you care and that you just want what is best for them. Just like you, we want to help your loved one recover from addiction and heal from any mental health disorders they may be struggling with. But we also want to guide you through the recovery process, too.

Finding reliable help and treatment is difficult to come by, but you’ve come to the right place at The Raleigh House.

Our Treatment Approach Is Focused Around the Family System

It’s true that addiction significantly impacts the entire family, not just the individual struggling with substance abuse. But what many people don’t realize is that family can also impact the addiction and any dual diagnosis disorders at play.

At The Raleigh House, our goal is to help you and the rest of your family get a better understanding of your loved one’s addiction. We also want to help you learn how and why some of your own behaviors may have affected the addiction.

If deemed appropriate*, we can provide the following opportunities to family members of the individual receiving treatment:

  • Family involvement throughout the treatment process
  • Weekly family education
  • Parenting therapy sessions
  • Marital therapy sessions

*Not every family is suited for these levels of involvement during treatment. The Raleigh House will determine the level of family involvement after assessing your loved one’s treatment needs.

Why The Raleigh House for Your Loved One

At The Raleigh House, we believe the only way to truly heal from addiction is if treatment is based on the truth. This is why we take an “uncovering and discovering” approach when working with your loved one.

Our mission is to uncover what led to your loved one’s addiction in the first place and identify if any mental health disorders have played a role. We seek to answer questions like:

  • Is there any trauma, loss or grief we need to identify?
  • Is your loved one carrying any feelings of shame or blame?
  • How is your loved one’s substance use maintained in the family system?
  • Has your loved one normalized negative experiences that have led to substance abuse?

Other Reasons to Choose The Raleigh House

We are more than just another rehab facility. When you and your loved one come to us for help, we aim to provide a peaceful, healing experience. Other families like yours choose The Raleigh House for treatment because:

  • We are an all-inclusive, retreat-style substance abuse and mental health treatment program that offers a seamless transition starting with detox all the way through intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Our program is nestled on 40 acres of Denver land far enough away where your loved one can get private treatment, but close enough where you can also be involved in the recovery process.
  • We offer clinical services and a highly-experienced, savvy team of nurses, medical professionals and addiction professionals.

Let The Raleigh House Help You and Your Loved One Heal From Addiction

Your loved one needs to heal from addiction, and so does your family. Don’t waste another day questioning yourself or what is best for your loved one. Call The Raleigh House today to learn about treatment options and get the recovery process started.


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