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Alumni Program at The Raleigh House

Alumni Program at The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House is the beginning of a new journey. Upon completing treatment, you’ll gain access to continual support and encouragement from like-minded people who are dedicated to your sobriety and new life.

Along with receiving ongoing support, our alcohol and drug rehab alumni program allows our clients to support other members in their network. Helping people manage their sobriety can be highly therapeutic, and many clients find it an extremely effective and rewarding recovery tool.

If you have any questions about our rehab alumni program, please give us a call or email [email protected].

Our Alumni Program

The purpose of drug rehab alumni programs is to offer aftercare services to clients, helping them navigate the challenges of early recovery and prevent return to use.

The Raleigh House alcohol and drug rehab alumni program includes regular weekly meetings, special events, and opportunities to become staff members.

Here are just a few of the highlights of our program:

Weekly Alumni Meetings

The Raleigh House provides regular, weekly meetings for clients to stay connected to our network. These weekly in-person meetings take place on our Denver, Colorado property. For more information, including dates and times, please contact us today.

Alcohol and drug rehab alumni groups have been shown to support long-term recovery after treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. Experience for yourself what it feels like to have a strong support network, from the compassionate staff to people on the same journey.

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The Raleigh House Alumni App

Alumni App

We now have a simple way to stay connected with other alumni in your community: the Raleigh House app. The app allows our clients to track their progress, learn helpful tools, access reliable resources, and ask questions. Special features include real-time posts, daily inspirations, and a wealth of recovery content.

Families App

Our drug rehab alumni program welcomes participation from families and loved ones. In addition to our app for alumni, we have a similar app for families. Using this app, families can share updates, ask questions, and support each other throughout the recovery process of a loved one.

Special Events

The Raleigh House is proud to host regular events for alumni to get together and spend quality time with one another. Most events are planned by alumni and staff and include everything from hiking trips to BBQ gatherings. If you have an idea for an event, please let us know!

Recovery Sponsorship

Sometimes we are better able to navigate a path to recovery when we’re following another’s footsteps. A recovery sponsor acts as a guide to others new to the recovery process, providing encouragement, support, and advice that offers a comprehensive understanding of addiction management.

Alumni Testimonials

Finding the right treatment center is a critical component of long-term recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders. We offer video and written testimonials of The Raleigh House alumni, detailing the day-to-day experience of our treatment programs and how they’ve managed the recovery process after they reentered their everyday lives. Whether for yourself or a loved one, hearing the insight of previous clients can help you better understand the structure and experience.

The Raleigh House’s rehab alumni program is an integral part of the recovery journey. Our growing network of alumni support offers compassion and first-hand experience of the occasionally challenging road to recovery. Please contact our team to learn more about how you can begin your healing journey.

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