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Denver Detox Center for Drugs & Alcohol

Detox in Denver, CO at The Raleigh House

The right treatment, medical supervision, medication and nutritional support can help you or your loved one detox safely from substance abuse and get your recovery on the right track. At The Raleigh House, our detoxification program can provide a safe, private and comfortable environment to detox from alcohol or drugs.

Addiction is a Medical Illness

The stigma that has overshadowed addiction for centuries keeps many individuals from reaching out for help. At The Raleigh House, we know that the research and science clearly points to an explanation of addiction being a chronic illness with devastating consequences.

One of the physical consequences is the experience of withdrawal when you try to stop using substances on your own. We are here to help ease that process without guilt or shame and get you back to your true self.

A Medically Holistic Approach

Detoxing without medical support can be frightening and even dangerous. At the Raleigh House, trained medical staff will support you with medications and also help you to overcome the malnourishment that your body has experienced from addiction. This is done through IV hydration and nutrition-enhancing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our goal is to give the body the nutrients it needs to get back to feeling its best.

What to Expect With Detox at the Raleigh House

A detox should be a personalized experience that takes into account every aspect of your health and addiction history. The Raleigh House Medical Detox Team will do a thorough assessment to determine the medications and nutrients that your body needs. Our proven method will alleviate symptoms, reduce cravings and shorten recovery times, allowing you to be more actively engaged in your recovery process.

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No matter what substance you’re struggling with, our detox program can work for you:

  • Alcohol Detox. Because of alcohol’s serious and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, immediate medical attention is often needed. Our team provides 24/7 supervision and may use medication for safety and to ease discomfort and make the detox process as safe as possible.
  • Opioid and Heroin Detox. Our team will assess and use appropriate medications during opioid withdrawal to ease discomfort and make detox as safe as possible. We will also provide dietary supplementation to ease the withdrawal process and offer additional nutritional assistance and craving reduction during the final stages of withdrawal.
  • Cocaine, Meth and Stimulant Detox. Withdrawal from cocaine and other stimulants can include symptoms like depression, anxiety, paranoia, weight loss and insomnia. Our team will evaluate the severity of your addiction to determine the medical, psychiatric and nutrient care required to aid your detox process.

Why Choose the Raleigh House for Detox & Treatment

If you’re searching for an addiction treatment center, you should choose The Raleigh House because:

  • Our scientific method represents the best of both worlds: Medical and Holistic Treatment.
  • We provide a safe and comfortable process.
  • We offer withdrawal management through medical support.
  • We provide IV hydration and bio-chemical enhancing nutrients during detox.
  • We have an onsite 24/7 medical team to oversee every step of your detox process.
  • Our team includes professional chefs who prepare nutritious meals that can accommodate any dietary preferences.
  • We leverage a personalized approach that gives you the attention you deserve in a small client population.

Call Our Denver Detox Center Today

Detox is something no person should have to work through alone. Not only is it safer when done at an addiction treatment center like The Raleigh House, it’s also more effective.

Contact us today to learn more about our detox program and how we can help you or your loved one get on the path to recovery.

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