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Addiction Interventionist Services to Help Your Loved One

Professional Interventionist Services

How many times has your loved one claimed they’ll get sober but hasn’t made the effort to change? Often times, those struggling with addiction either don’t believe they have a problem or are incapable of getting clean on their own.

Trying to convince your loved one about their addictive behaviors can fall on deaf ears and cause them to refuse treatment. Our professional addiction interventionists will help your loved one realize they can’t overcome their addiction on their own.

What to Expect from Our Addiction Interventionist Services

Our experienced intervention specialists will work with you to organize an intervention for your loved one. To help persuade them towards treatment before their addiction gets worse, our addiction interventionists will:

  • Assess your loved one’s addiction
  • Develop an intervention strategy based on their analysis of your loved one
  • Instruct you and your family members on how to interact with your loved one during the event

Our addiction interventionist will organize the intervention and handle any stressful or emotional moments that may arise if your loved one becomes defensive or unpredictable. By the end of the intervention, the interventionist will recommend treatment and know how to respond if your loved one refuses help.

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Who to Include in an Addiction Intervention

In general, anyone who is important to your loved one can join the intervention. This can include a spouse or partner, other family members, close friends and colleagues. Just remember that all those invited should be solely focused on helping your loved one live a healthier life during their time in a substance abuse treatment program. Our experienced interventionists can help you decide who to include in the intervention if you have trouble deciding who to invite.

When to Schedule an Addiction Intervention

If your own attempts at talking to your loved one about their addiction have failed, an intervention with The Raleigh House is the next step. Our experienced professionals can help you set up the time of the intervention and decide if it should be held at home or a neutral location.

Learn More About Our Professional Intervention Services

At The Raleigh House, we’re focused on helping our clients overcome their addiction and get on the path to recovery. If you’re ready to organize an addiction intervention for your loved one, please contact us today or call us directly at 720.891.4657.

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