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Addiction Interventionist Services Can Help Your Loved One

Addiction Intervention Services in Denver, CO

How often has your loved one claimed they’ll get sober but hasn’t tried to change? Often, those struggling with addiction either don’t believe they have a problem or are incapable of getting help on their own.

Trying to convince a loved one about their substance use disorder can fall on deaf ears and cause them to refuse treatment. The good news is that help is available.

While long-term recovery treatment is the end goal, professional addiction interventionists are a great first-step option to help your loved one start their road to recovery.

At The Raleigh House, we work closely with trusted and experienced interventionists to bridge the gap between overcoming addiction through acceptance and effective therapies.

Together, we can help more people reach long-term recovery with the right support system in place.

Once an intervention takes place, our master’s-level, trained therapists get to the root cause of addiction and will develop a strategy to help them manage and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.

To access intervention services, call us today or continue reading to learn more about the importance of professional services in long-term recovery.

What Is an Intervention?

An addiction intervention is like a bridge. As the name suggests, it’s a way for a supportive group of people to intervene to help a person struggling with addiction make the connection between drug use and all their life problems.

While the addiction may seem evident to you and everybody else, your loved one may not recognize the adverse effects drugs or alcohol have on their life — and on the lives of their family and friends.

The good news is that interventions usually work. In fact, we highly recommend them because they’re the perfect first step in getting individuals the treatment they need to heal from addiction for good.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, over 90% of people commit to getting help after a professionally led intervention.

It is imperative to have a plan before the intervention takes place. Each intervention member should prepare, in advance, what they want to say.

Issues to address include

  • How your loved one’s behavior has hurt you
  • Changes you have noticed in your loved one’s personality
  • How drugs or alcohol have affected your relationship with your loved one
  • What you think your loved one’s life could be like after the treatment
  • A statement of unconditional love, followed by making it clear that you can no longer watch your loved one self-destruct

Knowing that an intervention is not the place to show anger or employ shame or guilt as tactics is essential. Instead, the goal is to help your loved one realize the effects drugs or alcohol have had on their lives and aid them in understanding that they can live a full and rewarding life of sobriety.

What to Expect From an Addiction Intervention Specialist

When we team up with an out-of-office professional interventionist, they will help you organize an intervention for your loved one.

To help persuade them toward treatment before their addiction gets worse, an interventionist:

  • Assesses your loved one’s substance use disorder
  • Develops an intervention strategy based on their analysis of your loved one
  • Instructs you and your family members on how to interact with your loved one during the event

A good drug addiction intervention specialist will not leave any details to chance. Therefore, you should expect your interventionist to meet with you and other concerned parties at least once before the intervention. At that meeting, you’ll learn how the process will go and be coached on the best way to reach your loved one.

The interventionist will handle any stressful or emotional moments that may arise if your loved one becomes defensive or unpredictable.

By the end of the intervention, the specialist will recommend the appropriate treatment at The Raleigh House, in conjunction with our team, and know how to respond if your loved one refuses help.

Need help locating a trusted drug or alcohol intervention specialist?  We can help.

Who Should Be Included in an Addiction Intervention?

In general, anyone important to your loved one can join the intervention.

This can include a spouse or partner, other family members, close friends, and colleagues. Just remember that all those invited should be solely focused on helping your loved one live a healthier life during their time in an addiction treatment rehab in Denver.

An experienced addiction intervention specialist can help you decide whom to include in the intervention if you need help deciding whom to invite.

Understanding When to Schedule an Addiction Intervention

If your attempts at talking to your loved one about their addiction have failed, an intervention with one of our trusted partners is the next best step.

We can connect you with a drug intervention specialist that we trust to help you set up the time and decide if it should be held at home or in a neutral location.

Learn More About Professional Intervention Services and Coordinating Substance Abuse Treatment

At The Raleigh House in Denver, we’re focused on helping our clients overcome their addictions and get on the path to recovery. That’s why we work with professional interventionists to help your loved one get a second chance at a sober life.

If you’re ready to move forward with addiction intervention for your loved one and need help finding a trusted partner, The Raleigh House can connect you with skilled interventionalists we trust. Please contact us today or call us directly at 720.891.4657.


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