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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Denver

Cocaine Treatment Program in Denver, CO

Scenic vistas, plains that stretch on forever and a high-end, retreat-style sanctuary await you at The Raleigh House – where you can replenish and re-nourish your body and mind from cocaine addiction.

Cocaine addiction is hard and unforgiving. You’ve maybe even tried to quit before and experienced a relapse. At The Raleigh House, there’s absolutely no shame or judgment in your fight against addiction. When you’re here, our primary focus is providing a sanctuary where you can heal.

Your recovery takes place at our rehab facility on 40 acres of beautiful, rejuvenating Colorado land where you can get away from it all and focus on you. Learn more about our approach to treating your cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Detox in Denver, CO at The Raleigh House

Cocaine used to help you feel happy, confident and better about yourself. But now that it’s having the opposite effect, you’re frustrated and just want it to stop. You may have convinced yourself you didn’t have time to get treatment and go through detox. At The Raleigh House, we can help you detox safely and comfortably in a short amount of time at our cocaine rehab facility.

When you come here to detox from cocaine addiction, you’ll work with our licensed and credentialed staff who will use thorough assessments to determine your course of care. We’ll then use multiple philosophies, theories, interventions and methods, and a mix of clinical and 12-step approaches to help you work through the cocaine detox process.

If needed, medication-assisted therapy may be recommended in our comfortable, safe environment with 24-hour supervision to guide you through this important first step.

We understand and appreciate that there may be a difference between physical dependence and addiction in some cases of chronic pain management. It is important as part of your care that you do the necessary medical lab work to evaluate and understand your overall health. We help you throughout this process to help you get the treatment you need for your addiction to cocaine.

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Our Approach to Cocaine Addiction Treatment

For us, your treatment is more than just about your cocaine addiction. We offer you a comprehensive medical assessment that helps us develop a recovery plan that meets your goals and understands the whole you.

From your physical, nutritional and emotional well-being to your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs on your own terms – the heart of our program lies in empowering you with the skills you need for a meaningful, long-lasting recovery from cocaine addiction.

Evidence-Based Rehab for Cocaine Addiction

Our cocaine addiction treatment program incorporates a wide variety of proven, evidence-based practices that are carefully selected by our experienced team based on your unique goals, challenges and personal history. Some of our evidence-based treatment practices for cocaine addiction include the following:

Medication-Assisted Treatment – Certain medications have been approved to help ease discomfort during treatment and make the recovery process safer. At The Raleigh House, we use thorough assessments to determine if medication-assisted treatment can help ease your recovery from cocaine addiction.

Clinical Treatment – We want to understand the function of your cocaine abuse and why the addiction started in the first place. Individual therapy, group therapy and family involvement give you different avenues to work through your addiction and connect with others going through the same things you are.

Animal Assisted Therapy – The therapeutic value of animal-assisted therapy is supported by a substantial body of research. Our clients benefit from both canine- and equine-assisted therapies, which may help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity and other chronic mental health conditions.

Art Therapy – Research shows that a structured art therapy program can have significantly positive benefits when compared with other treatments offered to a control group. In our cocaine treatment program at The Raleigh House, we use art therapy to help reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma and low self-esteem, and to improve overall quality of life.

Yoga, Mindfulness Practice & Meditation – Both yoga and meditation can reduce levels of cortisol (the hormone that causes stress), bolster the immune system and help regulate mood. We use techniques like these in a structured setting to help our clients practice mindfulness, improve self-awareness and regulate breathing. All of this is practiced while going through our cocaine addiction treatment program.

Family Support, Education & Therapy – Cocaine addiction can be a chronically relapsing condition that often has a significant impact on the whole family. While a person seeks individual treatment for addiction, we offer family support and educational programming so loved ones can begin their own process of education, awareness, understanding, changing and growing.

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual, it impacts the entire family. This is why our comprehensive cocaine treatment center in Denver also emphasizes the importance of family involvement for our cocaine rehab program.

“When the entire family does something different, change happens.”

Heal from Cocaine Addiction at The Raleigh House

Cocaine addiction doesn’t have to control you. There is hope in overcoming it and we’re here to help. At The Raleigh House, we understand how much you’ve struggled and we are determined to help your mind, body and spirit heal.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, we are here to offer support without judgement. Call 720-891-4657 or contact us online to learn how you or someone you love can discover a new beginning at our cocaine treatment program in Denver, CO.

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