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Continuum of Care for Substance Use Disorders

Addiction Treatment Programs Offered by The Raleigh House

Your addiction to alcohol or drugs didn’t just happen overnight. It developed slowly, with negative thoughts, feelings and decisions eating away at your resiliency until you couldn’t take it anymore and found solace in substance abuse. Just like your fall into addiction, your journey back to sobriety takes time.

That’s why we follow a continuum of care approach to addiction treatment, where we’re with you every step of the way. At The Raleigh House®, we understand that no two addictions are alike. We also know that mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and PTSD can play a significant role in drug abuse. Our various levels of care for substance abuse treatment can be effective at helping you find lasting recovery from addiction.

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Our Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

Our continuum of care approach to addiction rehab is like a transformational stairway back to a sober, fulfilling life. It takes many steps – each that require time, dedication and patience – to heal from substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders. That’s why we guide you through each step and offer you the space and motivation to reinvigorate your life.

Our levels of care in addiction treatment include:

1. Detox

We believe that recovery begins as soon as you ask for help –that’s why we have an on-site medically-monitored detox at our wellness lodge, The Ranch. During this important first step, you’ll detox in a safe, private environment and be surrounded by caring, professional staff who will support and encourage you along the way.

2. Residential Treatment

After detox, you will transition into our residential treatment program. This is where you’ll truly begin to transform your life and reawaken your spirit. You’ll learn new ways of coping with stress to prevent cravings and relapse, plus engage in inspiring experiential and physical activities that can help strengthen your mind and body.

3. Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

After treatment at The Ranch, your recovery will continue with outpatient treatment in Denver. This is where the rubber meets the road as you deepen your practice, build sober community and continue to attend to your physical and mental well-being. You’ll participate in treatment five days a week and either live in one of our sober living residences or return home on evenings and weekends.

Features of Our Continuum of Care Approach

Our continuum of care gives you the best of both worlds: You have the caring, professional support you came to expect from The Raleigh House experience, while practicing coping skills and strategies that empower you to create the healthy, sober life you dreamed of.

When you’re in our continuum of care program, you’ll experience the following features and amenities:

  • Group Therapy and Individual Therapy Provided by Experts in the Field
  • Mindfulness-Based and Experiential Therapy Practices
  • Holistic Recovery Practice
  • Sober Community Building
  • Family Systems Education
  • Case Management
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Lifelong Alumni Program Memberships

The Gold Standard for Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

One of the most common questions about addiction treatment programs is length of stay. How long does treatment last? And how long should it last in order for treatment to be most effective?

At The Raleigh House, we follow a gold standard of care and length of stay. We believe that in order for you to fully recover from substance abuse and develop the skills necessary to maintain a pro-recovery diet, avoid cravings and manage mental health symptoms, your time in addiction treatment should include:

  • 90 days in detox and residential treatment at The Ranch
  • 90 days in outpatient treatment

With over 10 years of experience helping people recover from addiction, we have found that this length of stay is most effective for long-term recovery. Our admissions team can help you determine how to make this ideal length of stay work for your specific treatment needs and home/work responsibilities.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Path to Recovery

Are you ready to transform your life and find lasting recovery after addiction? The Raleigh House can help you achieve your recovery goals through our gold standard continuum of care process for substance use disorders.

Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment approach and to find out how you can get started.

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