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Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug Rehab Programs We Offer in Denver

At The Raleigh House®, we understand that no two addictions are alike. We also know that mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and PTSD can play a significant role in drug abuse. That’s why we offer multiple addiction treatment programs and a full continuum of care to help you or a loved one overcome addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

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The first step in treating addiction is getting the alcohol or drugs out of your system in a safe and contained manner. If the length and severity of your addiction calls for detox, this will be your first step when you come to our wellness lodge, The Ranch. You’ll spend up to 10 days in our detoxification program, where you’ll receive around-the-clock care to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Inpatient Drug Treatment

At The Raleigh House® in Denver, we provide inpatient drug rehab where you’ll heal from your addiction in a nurturing, home-like setting and be supported by our highly experienced clinical team. During your stay at The Ranch, our goal is to heal your mind, body and spirit with pro-recovery diet nutrition, individual and group therapy and holistic treatments like equine therapy and yoga. We recommend 90 days of residential treatment in order to set you up for long-term recovery success.

Outpatient Drug Treatment

Our outpatient treatment program is designed to help you maintain your treatment while transitioning back to everyday life. We offer different levels of outpatient treatment, including day treatment with housing, day treatment without housing and nighttime treatment. You can transition to our outpatient program from residential treatment or you can enter directly into outpatient treatment, if deemed appropriate.

Sober Living

We understand that it can be difficult to rejoin the real world after treatment. That’s where a sober living house can be beneficial to your recovery. Our sober living program helps you develop coping habits that can ease your transition back to everyday life.


Has your loved one claimed he or she will get sober but hasn’t made the effort to change? Or maybe your loved one doesn’t recognize they have an addiction problem at all. Either way, our addiction interventionist can organize an intervention with your loved one to help guide them towards treatment. Our expert can handle any stressful or emotional moments that may arise if your loved one becomes defensive or unpredictable.

Mental Health Services

In many cases, a mental health disorder like depression or anxiety is behind substance abuse. When this is the case, treating addiction symptoms isn’t enough. That’s why we offer dual diagnosis treatment to get to the bottom of your addiction. During treatment, we can help you understand your mental health disorder and develop coping skills to manage it in a healthy way.

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