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Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

Residential Alcohol Treatment in Denver, Colorado

Scenic vistas, wide-open skies and a luxurious retreat-style sanctuary await you at The Raleigh House – where you can replenish and renourish your body and mind from alcohol addiction.

Whether this is your first time at rehab for alcohol addiction or your next brave attempt, The Raleigh House does more than treat your addiction. Here, we create a private, judgment-free environment where you can relax and heal from all the damage alcohol has caused.

It all takes place at The Raleigh House Ranch. Located on 40 acres of breathtaking Colorado land where the skies are vast and endless – just like the possibilities of a life free from alcohol addiction.

As trusted leaders in evidence-based addiction treatment, we offer a number of programs to heal the whole you – body, mind and spirit. Our medical experts will help you determine which program is right for you, whether it’s alcohol detox, residential treatment for alcoholism, or outpatient alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Detox at The Raleigh House

Don’t let the fear of alcohol detox and withdrawal prevent you from seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. We know if can be intimidating and scary asking for help. But once you get the ball rolling, we’re on your side and ready to support you.

Our alcohol detox program is designed to minimize discomfort by offering a calm, comfortable environment with 24-hour nursing, medical and supervision to help ensure your safety.

We start the alcohol detox process with a thorough medical assessment to determine your physical and mental condition. If necessary, we may recommend medication-assisted therapy to make your experience as comfortable and safe as possible. Learn more about alcohol detox services at The Raleigh House.

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Residential Alcohol Rehab at The Raleigh House Ranch

When you reach out to us for help, we start by getting to know you and your personal history with alcohol. For us, it’s not just about treating your alcohol addiction – it’s about understanding your whole story.

This is why every person entering our alcohol rehab program receives a comprehensive medical assessment to help develop a treatment plan that meets your goals and moves you forward.

From your physical, nutritional and emotional well-being to your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs on your own terms – the heart of our program lies in empowering you with the skills you need for a meaningful, long-lasting recovery.

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Evidence-Based Approach to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The alcohol rehab program at The Raleigh House incorporates a wide variety of proven, evidence-based therapy methods that are carefully selected by our experienced team based on your unique goals, challenges and personal history. Some of our evidence-based treatment practices for alcohol addiction include the following:

Animal Assisted Therapy

The therapeutic value of animal-assisted therapy is supported by a substantial body of research. Our clients benefit from both canine- and equine-assisted therapies, which may help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity and other chronic mental health conditions.

Art Therapy

Research shows that a structured art therapy program can have significantly positive benefits when compared with other treatments offered to a control group. At The Raleigh House, we use art therapy to help reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and low self-esteem, and to improve overall quality of life.

Yoga & Meditation

Both yoga and meditation can reduce levels of cortisol (the hormone that causes stress), bolster the immune system and help regulate mood. We use techniques like these in a structured setting to help our clients practice mindfulness, improve self-awareness and regulate breathing.

Family Support, Education & Family Therapy

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that often has a negative impact on the whole family. While a person seeks individual treatment, we offer family support and educational programming so loved ones can begin their own process of education, awareness, understanding, changing and growing.

Our comprehensive alcohol rehab program also emphasizes the importance of family therapy sessions. We believe it’s important that families have a chance to repair their relationships during a loved one’s treatment.

12-Step Meetings

We offer access to traditional 12-Step meetings as an option at our alcohol treatment center; both on- and off- campus. You’ll be introduced to the process, social support, core values, study, and history of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Emotional Sobriety. We encourage you to obtain sponsorship as part of their aftercare/discharge planning components.

Nutritional & Amino Acid Supplements

Our neurotransmitters are created out of certain amino acids in the presence of particular vitamins and minerals. We designed this portion of our alcohol addiction treatment program to effectively address neurotransmitter imbalance with amino acid supplements that may provide many of the essential building blocks of a well-functioning brain.

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If you’re still reading this, it’s probably time to pick up the phone and speak with our admissions team. They can answer your questions about our alcohol rehab program and help you take your first steps toward a better life – a life free from alcohol addiction. Call us today, or contact us online for more information about our alcohol treatment program.

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