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We're Here to Help   720.891.4657

Find Your True Self Out Here With Us

Recovery is possible! At The Raleigh House®, we allow you a space to find your truth and help you heal from addiction.

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Serving the Colorado Community Since 2008

Welcome to The Raleigh House, a nationally recognized substance abuse recovery program. Our professional staff has helped countless individuals to reclaim their purpose and live the lives they always imagined. Embracing the recovery journey can give you renewed health and a sense of well-being that will transform your life.

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Begin Your Journey at The Ranch

The Raleigh House “experience” begins with your first call to our caring and supportive admissions team. As you take the next steps, you will be initiating a life-affirming process of deep healing and self-discovery. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and a highly trained staff, you will soon realize that your decision to recover your life with the Raleigh House’s help is truly the beginning of a new tomorrow.

The Ranch: Our Inpatient Rehab Center & Wellness Lodge

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Raleigh House’s Personalized Approach to Treatment

By utilizing our personalized approach to treatment, The Raleigh House is proud to report a recovery rate from addiction and mental health symptoms that exceeds most traditional treatment centers.  Our Recovery Program is a unique blend of cutting-edge clinical, nutritional and science-based interventions, coupled with a wide-range of engaging personal experiences.

Embrace Your Recovery Experience

Our “experience centric” approach to recovery establishes The Raleigh House as an innovative leader in the substance abuse recovery field. Our holistic program is more than just handouts and meetings. Being an active participant in your recovery allows for deeper change, both externally and within the complex layers of your central nervous system. Join a community of individuals who believe recovery is a possibility. This could be the chance of a lifetime to begin a healthier and more meaningful life for you or your loved one.

Experiential Activities Make Our Treatment Program Unique

Your holistic personalized treatment program includes activities like equine therapy, art therapy, an indoor rock-climbing wall, horticulture and gardening, meditative yoga with a trauma informed facilitator and “The Loop” which is a 1 mile walk or run path around The Ranch property. Feel free to contact us for more information about our drug rehab near you.

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Celebrating 10+ Years of Excellence in Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction does not define who you are, but it does limit who you can be. As trusted leaders in behavioral health, we are dedicated to offering the latest evidence-based addiction treatment therapies to heal the whole you - body, mind and spirit.

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A Testimonial from a Former Client

Chris talks about his life-changing journey and experiences at The Raleigh House.

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