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Partial Hospitalization at The Raleigh House

Partial Hospitalization at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, we offer partial hospitalization as an option for clients seeking intensive daily treatment for substance misuse and co-occurring disorders.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization is an intensive program involving in-depth, daily eight-hour treatment sessions without requiring full residence at the treatment center. Clients can reside either at home or in offsite housing for the duration of their treatment.

Although residential treatment – 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment programs – might be the most effective option at the outset of recovery, partial hospitalization offers the same support and resources in the clinical setting while allowing the client to reside at home. Clients who have shown sufficient progress and can maintain sobriety while living off-premises could be good candidates for partial hospitalization.

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Clients experiencing substance dependency might be better served by inpatient services that can provide medically supervised detoxification. However, partial hospitalization might be appropriate once the detoxification process concludes, particularly for clients with family or professional obligations.

Although partial hospitalization doesn’t involve the same supervision level in inpatient recovery, it is highly structured. Clients have access to the same dedicated support staff and treatment programs that are offered to residential clients. Moreover, outpatient clients are provided with the resources and education they need to live independently without risking substance reuse. Nevertheless, if a client misses treatment sessions or reuses intoxicating substances during partial hospitalization, that client will be encouraged to participate in inpatient recovery for more intensive therapy.

Types of Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization gives clients personalized treatment options that address their unique circumstances, regardless of whether they have come from inpatient care or have chosen outpatient care as their initial treatment. The following outpatient care includes:

Day Treatment with Housing

This outpatient program involves five days of intensive treatment with housing provided at a residential facility outside of the treatment center. This is an excellent option for clients who require the flexibility of outpatient treatment but whose home environment does not support recovery. This recovery program involves approximately 40 hours per week of structured treatment sessions. These sessions include mindful meditation, therapy for co-occurring disorders, recovery treatment, group meetings, and additional programs.

Day Treatment without Housing

This option offers the same intensive treatment but doesn’t include offsite housing – clients can live at home. Clients must participate in the daily intensive therapeutic interventions to continue in the outpatient program.

The Raleigh House Partial Hospitalization

The Raleigh House provides individualized treatment options that accommodate a variety of lifestyles and challenges. Our partial hospitalization programs help clients navigate the difficult road to sobriety while supporting their need to care for their families and continue working.

By offering dedicated support, The Raleigh House team of recovery professionals can help ensure you receive the full benefit of intensive treatment while continuing to live independently. If you need help addressing your substance use but have concerns about inpatient treatment, please contact our helpful team to discuss your options.

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