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We understand that choosing a drug rehab center is a big decision. It takes time, effort and care to choose the right place for yourself or your loved one. Addiction is a serious problem, and it is important to choose the right environment when seeking drug or alcohol treatment.

We want to make sure we provide you with all the information you need to determine if the Raleigh House® in Denver, Colorado is right for you. Our drug rehab program is designed to give you the care you need and the long-lasting results you desire.

Read testimonials from some of our previous clients to see how our treatment program has helped them recover from their addictions. Then contact us to learn how we can help you or a loved one today.

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Additional testimonials from past clients:

My wife did some searching on the internet and by phone- MANY treatment centers in Colorado. She talked with MANY people. Something about her conversation with the Intake Coordinator had her sold on the Raleigh House. The Intake Coordinator then called me and talked with me for half of an hour. I bought my plane ticket that day and was in Colorado the next day from Alaska. This treatment center saved my life! For 25 years I’ve struggled with alcohol and drugs. Those were my coping mechanisms. Here, at the Raleigh House, they taught me who I really was. They taught me the realities in life. They taught me how to cope and live a healthy and meaningful life– one of service and freedom. I truly owe my life to this place! -DD

I was in tears when I called a friend and begged him to help me find a rehabilitation center. At the tail end of an extended bender, I had been up the entire night, trying to drink enough to relieve the overwhelming anxiety which had become a constant part of my life. After 20 years of hard drinking and drugging, I was exhausted, physically dependent on alcohol, and I could no longer face my day-to-day routine.

The car ride from my home, down here to the Raleigh House, seemed excruciatingly long in my panicked state of mind. It was exhilarating to finally be taking action, but it was terrifying to admit to the world that I had significant problems and that I could not manage them on my own. I had been hiding my problems from my work, from my friends, and from my family. I had been doing so for my entire life.

From the moment I walked in through the front door, the staff at Raleigh House was kind, accepting and understanding. I had been living a very isolated life for many years, so it was shocking to suddenly be surrounded by a bunch of people who knew all about my problems and simply wanted to help. It was even more of a shock to move into a house with other clients—a bunch of strangers at first, friends later—who all had their own stories, but who were also trying to find a new and better way to live. Sharing meals and a home with other recovering addicts like me, living under some basic rules, pitching in on some minor cleaning and keeping my bed made, all added to a sense of stability and safety which I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

The Behavioral Health Technicians here at Raleigh House have been amazing. They take on the unenviable task of caring for clients with a host of physical and emotional problems resulting from their addictions. They have put up with all of us while we’ve been at our worst, and they have done so with patience, empathy, and with a judicious helping of firmness, where appropriate. They have been an invaluable source of advice and guidance during my entire stay.
The group sessions here have been enlightening and informative. Though different counselors focus on different aspects of addiction, they have all made it clear that there are good reasons for why and how I became the way I am, am more importantly, that I no longer have to be that way.

My therapist helped me begin the work of digging through my past and laying bare the truth about how I was raised, both the good parts and the bad parts, and how that all is affecting me and my life in the present. I say begin the work because this is something I will necessarily have to work on for many years to come, learning to understand my origins, accept the reality of my past, forgive myself and others, and finally let go and move on.

I’m leaving Raleigh House with a newfound sense of hope and excitement. I am returning to the same job and to the same house, to the same bills and to the same aggravations, but I’m starting a brand-new life all the same. Raleigh House has been an invaluable sanctuary for me. – JD

“Thank you so much you all have been so wonderful – I was extremely worried about leaving him anywhere however this has turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to (redacted)! My deepest appreciation to you all – you are doing great, great things!” – Parent of Previous Client

“When I first moved to Denver from Los Angeles I checked myself into Raleigh House. It was a wonderful, warm, and caring experience. I learned not just how to get clean and sober, but how to take care of my body from the inside out. It’s amazing how amino acids, exercise, and healthy food can kick start the road to recovery. I recommend this place to all my friends who might be struggling.” – Previous Client

“The Raleigh House is unlike any other program in Colorado. Almost all rehab facilities have a terrible staff to client ratio and you never even get to see your therapist let alone have a 1 on 1 with them but here I saw my therapist every day and had regular sessions with them. I was not in a good place when I came here and really needed the extra time I received from the staff here. They use a balance of holistic healing and nutritional approach to recovery. Not everyone is the same and they approach each client in a different way and find the best solution that will work for that individual. Their nutritional and holistic approach to my addiction is what made getting sober for me a reality, and them also supporting me in my 12 step program is the reason I am still sober today. Without their balanced approach I would have just had another failed attempt at sobriety. Thank you for saving my life.” – Previous Client

“This program saved my life it was one of the more intense rehabs I have been to, but I learned more about myself and grew more in three months than in the past ten years of therapy of my life. At times it may be hard and scary but if you are serious about recovery and want to change your life I highly recommend Raleigh House. They saved my life.” -Previous Client

“This place has given me so much. I have learned an incredible amount of information on the disease of addiction. I have been to other treatment centers that babied me and told me everything was going to be okay. At the Raleigh House they call you on your bull **** and give you honest feedback. The goal is to make you aware of what is holding you back from leading a healthy life. Although it is hard to hear at times it helps you grow more than you can comprehend. Treatment only works if you want it. I have connected so well with whom I call Spirit (God) and have never been able to do this working any other program. The therapists all come from different backgrounds and have great things to offer. If you want your sobriety get your butt in here. This place is amazing.” -Previous Client

“When I first checked into the Raleigh House I felt welcomed right away and felt like I belonged here. From the client’s to the floor staff all the way up to the counselors and therapists I felt that they really wanted to help me in my recovery and want the best for me on this new life I have. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone here they have guided me on this beautiful journey. Thank you for saving my life!”-Previous Client

“There is no such thing as a cure all program for addiction, it takes a ton of work on the person’s part to do the work, and keep it going in their day to day life now and in the future. Any negative review of The Raleigh House would be from someone who was not quite ready to stop their drug and alcohol dependency or abuse as there will be no one in this program restraining you to a bed to make sure you do not use a drug or take a drink … Instead you will find a team of people that are so individually different in their techniques that there is no one that will not find help here, so long as they are ready for it. Nothing will be sugar coated along the way, this is no doubt an intense program where you will get called on your lies and your manipulating but if you are ready for a real change it’s the only place in Denver to go. Only being here for 4 months it’s hard to believe this place absolutely saved my life and opened my eyes to a life that I never knew existed.”-Previous Client

“We would just like to say that the Raleigh House has been such a blessing to our family, especially when we thought we had nowhere else to go for any hope. We understand that timing and desire to change also played a big part, but the different type of presentation, program and kindness that The Raleigh House gave, we feel, is what ultimately connected to him where other programs failed. We can’t thank enough everyone that works there for all the effort and help that they offered him and us. We have been and continue to be so taken by your program that we have referred others to bring their loved ones if the timing is appropriate.” -Parent of Previous Client

“This place helped saved my brother’s life. He had tried lots of rehabs before. The natural stuff they gave him really worked. Plus, they were awesome people … really cared, no judgement. I usually don’t do reviews, but if this helps another family, great! We love the Raleigh House!” -Sibling of Previous Client

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