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Private Rehab for Business Professionals & Executives

Addiction Treatment for Professionals in Denver, CO

Your career is important to you. And as a business executive or someone working a high-profile white-collar job, there’s a lot riding on your work performance. You might be responsible for the operations of your organization or you may have an entire team to direct and manage.

Has all that daily stress and pressure burned you out to the point where you drink or use drugs to get through the work day? At The Raleigh House, we have over 10 years of experience helping executives and business professionals recover from addiction and mental health conditions triggered by your work environment.

Our Approach to Addiction Recovery for Professionals

In a society that still hasn’t fully embraced work life balance, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that you live to work. But in order to overcome addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, you need to accept that your career isn’t the end-all-be-all.

When you come to The Raleigh House for treatment, our goal is to help you change that mindset and work to live instead of the other way around. And it all begins with our continuum of care approach that incorporates both evidence-based and holistic therapies.

Highlights of our Executive Drug Rehab Programs

Our continuum of care, or “gold standard” for addiction treatment, begins with detox. You’ll come to our wellness lodge, The Ranch, that’s just outside of Denver, and work with an experienced team that can help you get the drugs out of your system. You’ll be in a secure, private environment the entire time and you’ll be treated with respect and dignity.

After detox, you’ll stay at The Ranch for our residential treatment program. This is where we’ll get to the bottom of your addiction, process and adjust any workaholic tendencies and develop healthier ways to cope with stress and triggers.

During your time in our residential treatment program, you’ll experience the following:

Individual and Group Therapy Sessions

During these scheduled times throughout the day, you’ll meet with a Master’s-level clinician and other staff members to work through your addiction and mental health struggles.

Holistic Therapies and Activities

Part of recovery at The Raleigh House focuses on strengthening your body and mind with activities like yoga, rock climbing, equine therapy, art therapy and much more. These holistic activities give you other ways to process your thoughts and feelings and heal from the damage substance abuse and work stress have caused.

Nutrition & Pro-Recovery Diet

Your body and mind are intricately connected and need proper nutrition to function normally and recover from substance abuse. During treatment, you’ll receive a five-star dining experience where our Executive Chef will make you fresh, pro-recovery meals designed to help heal your body and mind.

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Taking the Next Step After Residential Treatment

Once you’ve completed residential treatment, the next step in our continuum of care approach is our outpatient treatment program in Denver. You’ll participate in treatment five days a week to continue practicing the recovery techniques you learned in residential treatment. Outpatient treatment is where you’ll slowly regain your independence and begin incorporating your recovery back into everyday life.

3 Outcomes of Successful Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Ultimately, our goal is to help you recover from addiction and find lasting recovery. But there are additional outcomes we focus on during treatment to help you maintain sobriety beyond your time in rehab:

1. Regain Your Work/Life Balance

Burnout is now considered an “occupational phenomenon” and syndrome by the World Health Organization. A good way to avoid or manage burnout is through work life balance. In treatment, you’ll learn the importance of self-care and how to set boundaries for yourself to maintain a healthy, fulfilling life.

2. Improve Your Self Awareness

You need to understand your triggers with addiction and over-working. During your time at The Raleigh House, you’ll develop greater self-awareness to identify stress, anxiety and other negative thoughts and feelings when they arise at work. This skill can help you manage cravings and maintain better work life balance.

3. Return to Professional Well-Being

We know how important your career is to you and we want you to return to work better than ever. During treatment, you’ll explore the reasons why your job drove you to substance abuse. You’ll then develop healthy coping skills and techniques to ensure you keep your well-being top of mind throughout your career.

4. Prevent Relapse

You want to find long-term recovery in addiction treatment, not relapse quickly after leaving rehab. At The Raleigh House, we work with you to develop a relapse prevention plan geared towards own unique triggers and cravings.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Path to Recovery

Have both your career and personal life suffered because of substance abuse? The Raleigh House has the experience and resources to help you overcome addiction and establish a fulfilling life that doesn’t revolve around your job.

Contact us today to learn more about our treatment program and find out how you can get started.

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