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Never Pictured a Sober Life

My life before the Raleigh House was a mess. I started drinking heavily at 18. Then I got into cocaine meth and any pill that I could pop into my mouth. I’d pass out at 8pm every night then wake up in the morning and smoke some heroin to get me going. On the way to work I’d stop and get some more dope. I didn’t once think of a sober life because what I was doing was helping me escape my pain.

The Raleigh House is a life saver. The Raleigh House is family. A close group of addicts who are ready to quit and willing to help each other and do whatever it takes to stay sober.

It’s more like a family here instead of a bunch of people being held against their will. You have brothers and sisters here that have your back and understand what you’ve been through. We’ve all hit our rock bottom and we’re ready to live again.

When detoxing from heroin, there are  natural amino acids…the body aches were not as bad. The restless leg syndrome lessened significantly. My mind has gotten clearer faster from taking the amino acids compared to going through the withdrawals on my own.

Being at the Raleigh House and having the support group around here my second family I’m able to picture myself without a drink in my hand. I can actually see myself sober now and it’s a great feeling. I never thought it would be possible. Thanks to the Raleigh House I’m happy. I’m learning to love myself again and I know I don’t need drugs or alcohol to be happy.

– Sebastian



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