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Category Archives: Co-Occurring Disorders

A fit man jogs down a boardwalk.

Bipolar Disorder and Painkillers

  If you have untreated bipolar disorder, you’d probably do anything to escape the crushing depression that can follow a manic episode. Painkillers, which produce feelings of euphoria, will get the job done—as would heroin, alcohol, cocaine or many other drugs. That’s called self-medicating (as opposed to getting properly treated by a doctor) and can … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder and Painkillers

A young man struggling with heroin addiction and depression sits on a park bench, deep in thought.

Dual Diagnosis: Heroin Addiction and Depression

  People with mood or anxiety disorders are about twice as likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. That statistic—provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse—is alarming for sure, but it is also insightful. For people experiencing feelings of hopelessness, heroin can feel like a way out, offering a profound sense of relaxation. … Continue reading Dual Diagnosis: Heroin Addiction and Depression

Heroin Recovery and Depression

Recovering from Heroin: The Link Between Depression and Addiction

  Nearly seven percent of all adults in the United States experienced at least one episode of depression in 2015, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. That means they may feel sad, empty, anxious, worthless and hopeless. They experience a loss of energy. Some describe it as feeling like a heavy … Continue reading Recovering from Heroin: The Link Between Depression and Addiction

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