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The Effects Of Painkiller OxyContin (Oxycodone) Abuse

OxyContin (Oxycodone) is a drug that is used to relieve severe pain that may occur in patients with serious physical trauma cancer or other debilitating medical conditions. However certain individuals abuse oxycodone because in high doses it creates euphoria and a sensation of relaxation or altered reality. Oxycodone interacts with opiate receptors in the brain in a similar fashion with heroin or morphine. However it was elaborated as a less potent substitute for them which is why it is considered safer and the withdrawal symptoms less severe. Nonetheless oxycodone can cause almost the same negative health effects during recreational abuse such as muscular weakness euphoria slowing of respiration dizziness slowed reflexes and responses seizures and even death. People who abuse oxycodone are encouraged to contact a medical specialist at the Raleigh House which is a specialized professional rehab center that helps individuals to become clean of drugs or alcohol in a gentle yet medically proven manner. If you know a friend or somebody in your family who abuses oxycodone for recreational purposes don’t hesitate to talk with them and convince them to benefit from treatment provided by a professional rehab center which may save their life and social functioning

The Raleigh House Experts Can Help Overcome Distressing Withdrawal Symptoms

When abruptly discontinued oxycodone can cause severe withdrawal symptoms such as agitation restlessness anxiety difficulty sleeping irritability excessive sweating elevated heart rate among other unpleasant signs. Many people fail to overcome oxycodone addiction because they cannot tolerate the withdrawal symptoms without proper psychological and medication support. At the Raleigh House patients are treated in a controlled environment and are provided with medications that ameliorate withdrawal symptoms and make the transition towards a “”clean”” status much easier. Medical staff can also offer solid psychological support and counseling to strengthen the personal motivation to succeed at regaining control over one’s health and social life. At the rehab center patients are offered valuable lifestyle advice and the family is instructed on how to offer proper support to stay clean and become a more productive individual. Oxycodone addiction is easy to overcome if one benefits from the gentle and professional care of highly dedicated medical staff at the Raleigh House.


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