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Getting Off Adderall and Ritalin

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Stimulants may seem like a quick way to get ahead, but ultimately it’s hard work—and a clear head—that leads to both success and peace of mind.


It happens innocently enough.

The thought process goes something like this: People take Adderall and Ritalin for conditions like attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy all the time, right? How dangerous can they be? Especially if they help me get through grad school or meet a deadline.

The reality is that these drugs are highly addictive. In fact, they’re considered Schedule 2 drugs, just like cocaine and heroin.

And once addiction occurs, you’ll need stimulants just to function normally. They’ll no longer give you the boost or perceived mental edge that they used to.

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The Benefits of Quitting Adderall and Ritalin

You lose control of your life when you get addicted to stimulants. Quitting Adderall and Ritalin puts you back in the driver’s seat.

First and foremost, you won’t be risking your health anymore through your drug use.

Adderall and Ritalin can lead to an increased heart rate, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure and, in rare cases, even stroke, heart attack or sudden death. Consuming stimulants with alcohol or other drugs is especially dangerous as it can lead to alcohol poisoning and heart issues.

Then there are the potential psychological effects of stimulant abuse, including anxiety, paranoia, psychosis and depression. A good treatment program will help you address the unwanted changes brought on by addiction.

The last benefit of getting clean is harder to describe. It’s what Dr. Richard Hanson, a neuropsychologist, calls “the bliss of blamelessness” in an article he wrote for Psychology Today.

Hanson goes on to describe what true sobriety feels like. Most people battling addiction imagine that life without drugs would feel like deprivation. Hanson disputes that theory:

“You might think of sobriety as a kind of loss, but it’s actually fueled by a sense of gain. At bottom, sobriety is the opposite of craving … you’re not going to war with what’s unpleasant.”

In other words, you’ll be free from addiction, which will give you the chance to enjoy the many joys, challenges and pleasures that life has to offer.

Stimulant Recovery at The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House is a residential treatment center located in Denver with expertise in treating stimulant addiction. We do that by not just addressing the addiction, but by addressing the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our Adderall and Ritalin addiction treatment program.

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