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How much does addiction treatment cost?

How much will your loved one’s addiction treatment cost at The Raleigh House? A guide for the family According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, lack of financial resources or health insurance is the second most common reason people cite for not seeking substance abuse treatment, despite wanting or needing it. At … Continue reading How much does addiction treatment cost?

I’m Ready to Learn More About Helping a Loved One with Addiction.

At The Raleigh House, we understand that addiction can impact family and friends of those struggling with addiction. This section is offers help for family and friends of drug addicts and will help you understand the possible causes of addiction, as well as your role in helping your loved one recover. You’ll also learn key factors that may determine the cost of addiction rehabilitation treatment at The Raleigh House.

Long-term Effects of Addiction on the Body and Mind

Over time, the effects of addiction may cause serious physical and psychological health problems that worsen throughout a person’s dependency. Read More

12 Addiction Relapse Triggers You Need to Know

As a family member of a person who is recovering from addiction, you can play an important role in preventing relapse – but, you need to know what to look for. In this article, we’ll show you what addiction relapse triggers look like. Read More

Opioid Epidemic & Addiction Guide: Get the Facts

The opioid epidemic is impossible to ignore. Today, more people than ever feel the impact of opiate addiction – either directly as addicts themselves or indirectly as friends and family members of opioid addicts. Read More

Common Addiction Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

In this article, we’re busting some of the most common myths about addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Read More

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

What comes to mind when you picture a typical drug or alcohol addict? Is the person you’re imagining wealthy or poor? Black or white? Young or old? No matter what you’re picturing, you would be mistaken to assume that this image represents the entire population of people struggling with addiction. Read More

Learn Why Family Matters in Addiction Recovery

Learn about the many benefits of family involvement during and after a loved one’s recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Read More

Your role in helping a loved with addiction

You didn't cause your loved one's addiction. You can't cure it. And, you certainly can't control it. Learn why. Read More

Why Our Treatment Program is Different

The Raleigh House offers a holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about what makes our addiction rehab program different including the thereputic, medical, nutritinal and recreational services we'll provide for your loved one. Read More

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The Raleigh House encourages family involvement throughout the treatment process. We facilitate weekly educational and support group meetings for families as well as individual family sessions. These meetings can help you understand your role in the recovery process – both during and after a loved one’s stay with us. Learn more about how our addiction rehab program can help your loved one today.

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