Denver Colorado holistic substance dependency and addiction treatment program.
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Benefits of our program

  • Home-like environment
  • Strong Therapeutic community
  • Amino Acid nutritional support
  • Multiple levels of care
  • High staff-to-client ratio
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The Raleigh House

Denver Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

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What is The Raleigh House?

The Raleigh House is an integrated 90 day substance dependency / addiction treatment program located in the beautiful Highlands district in Denver, Colorado, where our client can heal, learn and grow at their own pace of recovery.

Our program and services bring together the best of traditional and natural treatments including: individual and group therapy, a high staff-to-client ratio, nutritional support, life skills education, personal spiritual growth, experiential learning and recreational activities.

We utilize amino acid therapy to assist in brain stabilization thereby reducing withdrawal symptoms, cravings and improving mood and behavior imbalances.

We provide a comprehensive, holistic model of care in a safe and nurturing home environment to adults 18 and older.

We offer family education and support to better understand the dynamics and effects of addiction on family members and loved ones.

Our caring and experienced staff at our facilities create a customized treatment plan based upon a pre-admission assessment and evaluation.

Our model of care provides our client with the ability to shift from isolation to connecting with others seeking freedom from addiction and the promise for a life of recovery.

What Makes The Raleigh House Different?

Our approach to holistic rehabilitation for addiction is to support the implementation of natural supplements, organic nutritional meals, physical exercise and behavioral health healing for the whole family.

The Raleigh House Offers:

      • Use of amino acid therapy with organic nutrition to assist healthy brain function and decrease addiction cravings
      • High staff-to-client ratio
      • Develop various life skills to achieve successful recovery and optimum health life-style
      • 12 step and alternative community support & fellowship
      • Fun recreational & social activities
      • Exploration and strengthening of one’s personal spiritual understanding and connection
      • “Home-like” environment in a beautiful restored house with small heartfelt community
      • Family education and therapeutic support

Our program is designed to empower each client with the life skills necessary for lasting physical, bio-chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery.

Our Core Values

Integrity | Authenticity | Diversity | Community | Compassion | Respect | Connectivity | Honesty

Member of Alliance for Addiction Solutions