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Welcome to The Raleigh House Addiction Blog

Welcome to Words of Hope: the Raleigh House addiction blog. I am Eric Lapp, founder and CEO of The Raleigh House. Myself and others are pleased to offer articles, news content, treatment methods and even some client stories. I hope  you will take the time to enjoy them and learn from them and maybe even become inspired by them.

As you know addiction crosses all economic and social boundaries, affects people we love and know. Directly and indirectly it affects us all. Whether it be heroin, prescription opiate addiction, cocaine, methamphetamine or alcohol dependency, we’re going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about drug and alcohol rehab in Denver, and other parts of the country. We will talk about the benefits of suboxone treatment  and the drawbacks for treating herion and opiate dependency using methodone. Were going to talk about the science behind addiction as well the science behind using amino acids and other nutrients used in holistic addiction treatment.

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Information on addiction is abundant and there’s  great help with programs that fit each person. Our goal with this blog is to help you get a better understanding of addiction and how holistic drug and alcohol rehab in Denver at the Raleigh House of Hope  can help.

Hopefully you will find the information interesting and let us know if there is a way that we can help you and your family.


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