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Raleigh House Changed My Life

Living at The Raleigh House has been a life changing experience for me. I couldn’t control the important aspects of my life that were necessary to make good decisions and just by living here I definitely am able to make decisions. I have better impulse control and I now feel that the imbalance in my brain that caused me to use in the first place is now satisfied. It has been a truly safe place for me to be while I am learning a healthier lifestyle and just learning about me.

It’s a comfortable house with great energy good vibes and it feels just like home. There’s no institutional feel to it at all which made me feel all the more comfortable. Because of the brain support I was given the minute I walked in the door  things changed my withdrawals I had experienced before were horrible. Nothing like that happened here because of the support my brain was given. And the best part of it was that I recovered without using another drug. It was all natural.

The energy of the staff at the Raleigh House is amazing and I was really able to connect with them. Not to mention they helped me discover purpose and helped my family to understand who I am. They are like family and its easy for me to feel completely relaxed here at The Raleigh House WITH ALL THE SUPPORT AND HONEST CARE I HAVE RECEIVED.

B.L. from Lakewood CO


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