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Prisoner to Addiction Before Raleigh House

Opal’s voice is one of many who feel trapped by their addiction. After 30 days at The Raleigh House the transformation is amazing. I’m so proud and would like to share her story. It proves a “”prison break”” is possible!

Before coming to The Raleigh House life was unmanageable and I was a prisoner to my addiction. The biggest thing was not being able to do anything without my bottle of pills.

The difference that Raleigh House brings is it’s a family. As soon as you arrive you’re not tagged and thrown in a room. When I arrived everyone came down and helped me to my room tucked me into bed and hung my clothes up. As soon as you meet the people here you’re brother sister mom and dad. It means a lot when you can go from leaving home to coming home.

After taking the natural treatment I quickly started to feel better. They really push the importance of health and natural well being. And you notice a change.

Today compared to when I walked into The Raleigh House is a huge difference for me. I never thought I’d feel this good. Being sober is so different. I now feel like I can do anything. The sky’s the limit. I’m not a slave to my addiction anymore.

The Raleigh House gave me all the tools to save my life. And thanks to them I was able to come home to my family and face them as a healthy and sober person.

– Opal / Denver CO



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