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The Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Depression



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It can be a real challenge to think back in time.

Did your depression come first and cause you to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol? Or did the drugs and alcohol use come first and lead to depression?

You can debate that all you like but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Because the treatment is the same either way.

Depression Outpatient Treatment

There is no debate at all about what should be treated first—depression or addiction. Research has made it abundantly clear that both addiction and any co-occurring conditions (including depression) must be treated at the same time.

It’s no good being sober if you’re depressed. Likewise, it’s hard to be truly happy when you’re battling addiction.

So while you’ll technically be going to outpatient treatment for addiction, your depression will also be addressed and treated—at the same time.

Unlike inpatient rehab, you’ll be staying in your own home and still going to work or school, if you like. That leaves morning, evening and weekends to participate in the intensive therapy and counseling you’ll need in recovery.

But, top treatment centers offer more than therapy. You’ll also be provided any medical services you may need, learn more about wellness during recovery, and likely meet with a nutritionist to make sure you’re eating a pro-recovery diet.

Outpatient treatment isn’t for everybody. But it can be a practical and comfortable way for some people to break free from the hold that both addiction and depression has had on their lives.

Hope and Healing at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, based in Denver, Colorado, we lay the groundwork for your life-long recovery through both inpatient and outpatient rehab. Either way, we don’t just treat the physical aspect of the disease. Instead, we make sure you’re also healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and socially. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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