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How Does Meth Impact Your Loved One’s Anxiety?

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Meth and anxiety share a close link. Learn more about how meth abuse could be impacting your loved one’s anxiety today.

You wish there was something you could do about the restlessness, panic and stress your loved one has struggled with. At times, it seems like they’re unable to stop their brain from putting a negative spin on everything and letting their anxiety get the best of them. And by always expecting or fearing the worst, your loved one often feels trapped or hopeless in their current life.

When someone is going through periods of intense anxiety, it’s natural for them to look for an escape. Unfortunately, some people suffering from anxiety turn to meth as a way to manage their symptoms. If this sounds like your loved one, it’s important to understand how meth use impacts their anxiety and the options your loved one has to heal.

Can Meth Cause Anxiety?

It’s common for people who use meth to experience intense feelings of anxiety. In fact, there have been studies that tell us around 75 percent of meth users experience anxiety disorder symptoms. So, if someone like your loved one already suffers from an anxiety disorder, meth use will only make those symptoms worse.

This is due to how meth affects the brain. When your loved one uses meth, the drug triggers the release of a number of chemicals, including serotonin – a chemical that regulates mood. Meth releases so much serotonin (giving the effect of a high), that the brain has a hard time reabsorbing this chemical naturally moving forward.

That means your loved one’s brain after meth use has a harder time managing mood and anxiety. Having low levels of serotonin makes it even harder for your loved one to manage their anxiety.

Getting Caught in a Cycle of Abuse

The link between meth and anxiety often traps people in a cycle of abuse. According to recent data by Colorado law enforcement, meth use in the state is on the rise. Initially, your loved one could see meth as an affordable option to cope with their anxiety.

The problem is that prolonged meth use can actually make your loved one’s anxiety worse. And if they continue to use meth as a way to cope, it’s possible to get caught in a cycle of abuse and addiction.

The Impact of Meth Withdrawal

The fear of withdrawal is one of the most common reasons why people keep abusing meth. But if someone has anxiety, those symptoms add an extra layer to the situation.

One of most common side effects of withdrawal from meth use is anxiety. Many meth users in recovery even say that the anxiety is at its worst during the first couple weeks of recovery. If your loved one is suffering from an anxiety disorder, this sudden burst of anxiety can cause a relapse.

For anyone struggling with meth addiction and anxiety, professional detox services can help. Addiction treatment centers like The Raleigh House have detox programs that help people manage their withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment.

Will Sobriety Cure My Loved One’s Anxiety?

If your loved one has an anxiety disorder, being sober will not cure them. Anxiety disorders are often lifelong conditions that need to be managed. But, any of the extra anxiety that the meth use was causing will go down over time as your loved one safely progresses through detox and learns how to live sober again.

Their brain will relearn how to absorb serotonin, and your loved one will be better equipped to manage their anxiety. It’s important for your loved one to talk to their doctor if they’re worried about their anxiety. If they’re struggling with a dual diagnosis disorder because of their anxiety and meth use, it’s necessary that you help them find an experienced addiction treatment center that can get them on the path towards recovery.

Your Loved One Can Find Healing at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, we know how dangerous meth can be. While your loved one might think the “high” is helping them cope with anxiety, it’s actually doing the opposite.

Our premier addiction treatment wellness lodge just outside of Denver offers expert dual diagnosis treatment that can help your loved one break free from meth addiction and learn how to manage their anxiety disorder.

If your loved one is struggling with a meth addiction, we’re here to support you. Contact our team today to help your loved one heal and finding lasting sobriety.

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