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Do you abuse Marijuana?


Do you abuse marijuana? Statistics show that the primary drug for kids under the age of 18 is Marijuana. Recent studies have revealed that on a normal day over one million teens smoked cigarettes, over half a million drank alcohol, and a whopping 563,000 smoked marijuana. This is a daily average. From experience this can lead to other addictions that are serious and life threatening. We at The Raleigh House want to see these numbers decrease. We hope more and more teens seek the help they need in order to overcome these addictions.

There are other more serious addictions out there. Research has found marijuana is the drug that kids seem to try first. Rumors say that marijuana is not physically addictive. Another rumor is that it isn’t bad for you because it comes from “nature.” Teens are impressionable. They buy into this theory easily especially when it comes to peer pressure.

How many times have we heard “but it’s only a little marijuana” or “it’s only one drink?” What parents and teens need to realize is that the world has changed. Marijuana is much stronger than it used to be. This leads to more negative effects. Think of an answer to this question if you can. If marijuana can’t hurt you then why do you need a drug rehab center in order to give it up?

Even experimenting with marijuana can lead to addiction or at least to bad choices concerning school sex and other important decisions that can ruin your life. Not everyone who experiments with marijuana or other drugs moves on to addiction but do you really want to take the chance that you are one of the select few who just might?

At this moment there are more teens in drug treatment centers for marijuana abuse than any other type of illegal drug. Another thing to remember before you take that first toke is that marijuana causes changes in your brain that are similar to cocaine heroin or alcohol. It affects your cognitive thinking which can affect your ability and judgment when driving. Do you honestly want to be responsible for the death of an innocent person?

There is a reason that you should just say no to drugs. Think before you act and dare to be different.


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