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ASAM Level 2.5: Partial Hospitalization Services

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Getting healthy is part of the treatment goal when recovering from addiction


For some people, addiction truly is like falling off a cliff. It happens so swiftly and so severely that it becomes very obvious that help is needed. For others, it sneaks up over a period of decades.

And then there is everyone else who falls between those two extremes.

The point is that addiction treatment should be individualized to a person’s specific needs—and that’s where the ASAM levels of care come into play.

ASAM Levels of Care

In the 1980s, it was determined that there should be one national set of guidelines for care in the treatment of addiction. The goal was to be able to provide each person with individualized, results-oriented treatment, based on his or her specific set of circumstances, including the likelihood of withdrawal, health history, possible mental health issues, readiness to change and living environment.

The result is the ASAM Criteria. (ASAM stands for American Society of Addiction Medicine.)

The Criteria is comprised of five broad levels of care, with 0.5 (early intervention) being the least intense and 4 (medically managed intensive inpatient services) being the most.

Here, we’re going to talk about level 2.5

ASAM Level 2.5

ASAM Level 2.5 is what’s called Partial Hospitalization Services.

By definition, that means 20 hours or more of outpatient treatment to meet “the complex needs of people with addiction and co-occurring conditions.”

Practically speaking, that means you’ll definitely be investing more time than, say, a quick therapy session after work. But you also will be free to return to your own bed at the end of each day.

You’ll have daily direct access to psychiatric, medical and laboratory services, as well as plenty of counseling and education about addiction-related problems.

This kind of treatment is usually less expensive than inpatient care.

Addiction Recovery at The Raleigh House

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