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Heroin Addiction Rehab at The Raleigh House

A young woman stands at the top of a mountain, her face tilted toward the sky and her arms thrown back in a gesture of pure joy.
Heroin offers a rush of euphoria that can hook users almost instantly. This is what true freedom—and hope—looks like. And it comes from a life well lived.

For many, heroin comes at the end of a long slide that began with prescription painkillers. It’s one of the easiest drugs to get hooked on—and one of the hardest addictions to treat.

By now, you probably know all of that—all too well.

But while it is hard to recover from a heroin addiction, it is certainly possible. We see it every day at The Raleigh House. We see despair slowly chipped away by hope. We see a spark as someone realizes, for the first time in a very long time, that they can imagine a life without heroin. We see people rebuilding their lives—one deliberate step at a time.

Here’s what we never see: People come in, spend two weeks getting over their physical dependency on heroin and then going home to successfully launch their new drug-free lives.

The Raleigh House offers a 90-day program for heroin addiction recovery because that’s what we’ve found (and research says) works best. Our staff of clinicians, including master’s level therapists, are trained to not only treat the addiction, but also to treat any co-occurring conditions, such as anxiety, bi-polar disorder or depression.

Bringing Your Loved One to The Raleigh House for a Heroin Addiction

We know your child will be hopeful, but also terrified, when starting heroin addiction rehab. That’s why our very first priority is to make him or her feel safe and comfortable. All clients receive a thorough psychiatric, nursing and medical assessment upon admission where we determine what medication is needed to lessen the intensity of withdrawal.

Each resident is then assigned his or her own therapist. Together, they create a treatment plan and set goals. Some residents will seek more group therapy. Others will find they express themselves better through art therapy. Still others will find that 12-Step fellowship works best for them.

Exercise and nutrition also play a huge role in recovery. Our nutritionist works with residents to address their individual concerns, while our chef prepares meals designed to help with recovery. Residents have access to yoga, rock climbing, cross fit, boxing, a lap pool, hot tub, sauna, weight lifting room and aerobic exercise equipment.

Hope at The Raleigh House

We try to make The Raleigh House feels like a home—and to make our residents feel like family. That’s because we share the same mission as you: We want to use every available tool to give your son or daughter another chance at life. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our heroin addiction treatment program.

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