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Family Therapy for Addiction

A middle-aged husband and wife hold hands while meeting with a counselor.
Family therapy can help repair the damage done by addiction—and reduce stress during recovery.

Going to rehab might turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

But it’s not a cure-all.

It’s almost certain that addiction caused a lot of damage to your relationships. People you love may feel hurt—and you likely feel hurt and misunderstood, as well. Going to rehab does not automatically and magically fix all of that

A good rehab does, however, offer the opportunity to do the work required to repair the damage. It’s called family therapy.

Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

There are two goals of family therapy, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). The first goal is to teach family members (or close friends) how to support the person in recovery. The second goal is to strengthen the emotional health of the entire family.

Specifically, SAMSHA talks about replacing guilt with forgiveness, despair with hope, anger with peace and stress with strength. Family members learn new—and more positive—ways of communicating with each other.

That’s no small task. But the good news is that you won’t have to figure it all out alone. You’ll have trained therapists to guide the process. One session might be dedicated to a particular problem that needs solving. Another might have the goal of teaching coping skills to all involved.

Imagine coming home from rehab with all of the same relationship problems you had before. Stressful, right?

Now imagine coming home to a supportive environment of people who understand you. No family is in harmony all of the time—and yours won’t be either. But family counseling and therapy can lay the foundation for a healthy family dynamic.

Hope and Healing at The Raleigh House

At The Raleigh House, located in Denver, we believe addiction isn’t just a physical problem. Our master’s level trained therapists get to the root cause of addiction and will help you develop a strategy to manage and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.

In addition to individual therapy, we offer group counseling and family counseling. You’ll also find a wide variety of opportunities to heal your mind and body, from yoga classes and climbing walls to art and music therapy. In the meantime, your body will be nourished with chef-prepared meals and you’ll be staying in a place that feels like home, with a staff who treats you like family.

Interested in learning more? Fill out our form or contact us today get additional information on the treatment programs at The Raleigh House.

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