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Drug Addiction Treatment

drug addictionOne of the biggest mistakes made about addiction is the assumption that those who are struggling under its control are weak or somehow lacking in willpower and moral integrity.

On the contrary, drug addiction is a deadly disease, one that changes the chemistry of the brain. Drugs work by either over-stimulating the pleasure and reward system or by mimicking neurotransmitters in the brain and altering the body’s ability to effectively communicate between systems.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the cost of drug addiction in the United States amounts to more than $600 billion each year in damages. This includes healthcare, law enforcement, subsidized treatment, prevention efforts and more. But the costs to the patient personally and to their family – those are both financial and emotional. These can include:
Lost trust between family members due to stealing, missing important events, and breaking promises to stop abusing drugs.
Lost opportunities to enjoy milestones in each others’ lives.
Illegal behavior that leads to stress at home as well as expensive court costs and fees.
Criminal behavior that leads to long-term separation due to prison time.
Overdose, chronic health problems, and acute health issues related to drug abuse means medical bills and stress.
Accidental injury or death to the patient and family members caused by actions under the influence.

Unfortunately, promising to stop abusing drugs is not enough to stop addictive behavior. Detox and addiction treatment are the only ways to address the physiological and psychological effects of chronic drug abuse. The best place to find that? The Raleigh House rehab center is equipped to provide the level of care and service that will address the personal experiences and needs of each individual who enters treatment.


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