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How to Cope with Social Isolation When Working from Home

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Working from home saves you time and gas commuting to and from the office. But it can also lead to social isolation and even relapse for those in addiction recovery.

Working from home offers countless benefits – you don’t have to waste time sitting in rush hour traffic, you can save money on gas and you can work without interruptions from coworkers. Working from home even allows you more flexibility with your time. If you have a free hour from meetings at 10am, you can go for a run or catch up on some laundry.

However, there are also challenges to working from home. For some, the home environment isn’t conducive to productivity. For others who are recovering from substance addiction, working from home can lead to feelings of loneliness and self isolation – both precursors to relapse.

Socialization and maintaining strong connections with others are keys to addiction recovery—and to a general sense of well-being in life. Luckily, there are ways you can safely work from home without losing that sense of connection and fulfillment.

5 Ways to Cope with Isolation When Working from Home

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have turned everyone’s schedules upside down. If you’re working from home or if you’re simply struggling to cope with the social isolation that many people across the country have been experiencing, try these tips:

1. Get Out of the House At Least Once a Day

Breaks throughout the workday are necessary to give your mind time to rest and to help you be more productive. Take several walks outside throughout the day, take your dog to the dog park, go for a run or do some yoga or meditation in the grass.

When it’s safe to visit your favorite restaurants and shops again, try working elsewhere like a local café or library. If you don’t need your home’s WiFi, you can even take your laptop and work outside at a park.

2. Schedule After-Work Social Time

No, we don’t mean hitting up a bar or defying stay-at-home recommendations by getting together with a large group of people. Instead, schedule video chats with family and friends to stay connected. You can even meet up with one or two of them for healthy activities like hiking or going on walks through the park.

Once it’s safe to get together with loved ones again, you can get back to dinner dates and other public attractions you enjoy. Of course, don’t forget to maintain your nourishing outdoor activities to help keep your body and mind healthy!

3. Connect with Others in Recovery

If working from home is tempting you to drink or use drugs as a way to manage loneliness and isolation, make sure you’re turning to your support network. Join virtual AA meetings or attend support meetings in person, if it’s safe to do so. You can also connect with other individuals and families in recovery through The Raleigh House addiction recovery app. The app gives you a place to comment on other people’s posts, reach out to people individually for support and offer support to others who are openly struggling with recovery.

4. Take a Class or Learn a New Skill

Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Italian, cook a new tasty dish or develop a new business skill that could help you in your current career? There are plenty of online courses that you can explore outside of working hours that can challenge you, keep you focused and help you feel fulfilled. After all, when you’re learning something new that you’re passionate about, there’s little time to think about alcohol or drug use again.

5. Schedule Mini Rewards Throughout the Day

This is one of the biggest advantages of working from home. Tell yourself you’ll work diligently for 90 minutes (even set your phone timer) and when you’re done, you can listen to a 10-minute podcast while taking a walk outside in the sun. Get up every 30 minutes to do a few quick stretches or jumping jacks and eat your lunch on your balcony or patio.

Working from home allows you to do so many activities that are good for you, but might be hard to do in an office setting. While you may not be socializing or connecting with people, challenging your productivity throughout each and every day and rewarding yourself can help keep your mind and cravings off substance abuse.

Now is the Time to Get Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

If you’re struggling with addiction or if you’ve recently relapsed, there is no better time to get treatment than right now. The Raleigh House offers a safe, clean and peaceful environment just outside of Denver where you can be safe from COVID-19 and focus all your time and energy on healing from substance abuse.

With over 10 years of experience and a gold standard continuum of care approach, we can help you get to the root cause of your addiction and develop a strategy to manage and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol. If you’re ready to get started, our admissions team is available to take your call. Fill out our form or contact us today.

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