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4 Benefits of The Raleigh House’s Addiction Recovery App

A woman skimming the addiction recovery app and connecting with others who have struggled with addiction.
The Raleigh House’s new addiction treatment and recovery app can help you better support your loved one who is working towards addiction recovery.

One of the worst parts about your husband, child or sibling’s addiction is you have zero control over it. You can’t make them stop with a snap of your fingers. You can’t make their pain from withdrawal and detox go away. You may not even understand their addiction in the first place. And on top of all that, you wonder how your loved one could have let their substance use spiral out of control when they knew it would hurt you.

Oftentimes, family and friends become collateral damage during substance abuse. And since addiction isn’t its own entity and works through people like your loved one to carry out its destruction, there’s no one else to blame or be angry at except your loved one.

But anger and hostility won’t help your husband, child or sibling recover, or heal your own wounds caused by addiction. Fortunately, family support resources like The Raleigh House’s new addiction recovery app can help you connect with others and find ways to support your loved one during their journey towards recovery.

How the Addiction Recovery App Helps You Heal and Connect

When you’ve been in the addiction treatment and recovery business as long as we have, you see how devastating and heartbreaking addiction can be on families. But you also see the strength and resilience of family members and friends determined to get their loved one through this.

Our family support program aims to heal family bonds during addiction treatment and recovery, but we wanted to take it a step further so that people like you can always access the recovery community when needed.

This led to the release of our addiction recovery app, which offers the following benefits:

1. Engagement with Other Families in Addiction Recovery

Isolation is one of the leading causes of addiction suffering (especially now when we’re all following social distancing and stay-at-home protocols). Our addiction recovery app lets you comment on posts from other people and message them directly for more personal, one-on-one conversations. This connection allows you to share your story, engage with others who understand what you’re going through and realize that you’re not alone.

2. Articles and Blogs to Guide and Educate You

Addiction isn’t easy to understand, and you can’t physically walk a mile in your loved one’s shoes to see what they’ve experienced. The next best thing to help you learn about addiction and find ways to heal is research. On our addiction recovery app, you’ll find articles, podcasts, blogs and other resources that can educate you about addiction and help you finally understand what your loved one has been going through.

3. Help and Support Whenever You Need it

Even when your loved one is in treatment and recovery, there will still be a mix of good days and bad days. And you’ll still encounter waves of frustration, heartache and confusion. When those moments occur, you’ll have the entire community on our addiction recovery app to turn to. Ask for advice, post about your struggles and chat privately with individuals on the app you’ve developed relationships with. Our app can be the safe haven you need when you’re feeling alone and need some help getting through the bad days.

4. Support for the Addiction Recovery Community

On the flip side, you will be able to smile and laugh again and have breakthroughs with your loved one where you both will move forward and grow stronger together in recovery. Share those happy moments on our addiction recovery app. Post inspirational messages to encourage others and give them hope. Listen to other people’s heartache and support them. Taking an active role like this during the good times will allow others to get through their own bad days and help you maintain your own strength in recovery.

How the Addiction Recovery App Can Aid Your Loved One, Too

As your loved one progresses through treatment and enters recovery, our app can be an incredible resource for them to use, too. During this particular time in our lives where we all feel a bit disconnected, our addiction recovery app can serve as a respite from your loved one’s loneliness.

By being an active member on our addiction recovery app, your loved one will be able to:

  • Engage with other alumni from The Raleigh House through posts and comments
  • Message alumni and other community members privately for greater connection and dialogue
  • Find articles, podcasts and blogs to aid their recovery journey and help ward off relapse triggers
  • Provide support to alumni and other community members, similar to how they’ve received support

There is always hope for recovery, even when there doesn’t seem to be any. All you need is a community to remind you that you aren’t alone. Join our addiction recovery app with your loved one today to connect with our recovery community and continue healing from the damage addiction has caused. Just text “TRHAPP” to 555888 to learn more and get the app now.

Get Your Loved One Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

Is your loved one struggling with substance abuse or have they relapsed? At The Raleigh House, we have over 10 years of experience helping people like your loved one find lasting recovery after addiction. We offer a gold standard continuum of care that gets the alcohol or drugs out of your loved one’s body, uncovers the root causes of their substance abuse and helps them develop healthy habits and skills to prevent future substance use.

If you’re ready to get your loved one into rehab or have additional questions about our addiction treatment approach, our admissions team is available to take your call. Fill out our form or contact us today.

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