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7 Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Rehab

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 23.6 million people live with alcohol or drug addiction in the United States alone. Of those people, more than 2 million people enter rehab each year.

If you or a loved one are among the 2 million who have decided to enter a drug rehab center, here are seven factors you should consider to help you choose the one that’s the best fit for you.

  1.  Success rate – Find out what the success rate of the drug rehab centers you are considering. The success rate, reputation and experience are all important things to consider. Read reviews and testimonials. You want to choose an addiction treatment facility that can properly support your recovery.
  2. Methods of Treatment – Are you looking for a traditional or holistic treatment approach? Or maybe a combination of both? Determine the methods of treatment at the drug rehab centers you are considering. If you are looking for a natural recovery, a holistic treatment approach is the best choice. It is important that you choose a program that suits your recovery journey.
  3. Staff – When talking with drug rehab centers, ask a lot of questions about their team of staff. Find out how much experience they bring to the table. Do they have a high client-to-staff ratio? Do they have nutritionists who can help create a pro-recovery diet?
  4. Duration of Treatment – You should find an addiction treatment center that allows you to heal at your own pace. If you’re looking to use insurance to help offset the cost of rehab, remember that some may set a specific number of days that treatment is covered. Many drug treatment centers, including The Raleigh House, will work with insurance companies to try to ensure you get the duration of treatment needed for recovery.
  5. Price – The cost of care is probably the biggest obstacle to recovery. Compare the services you are getting for the price and weigh your options. Some addiction treatment centers offer drug rehabilitation loans or can work with insurance companies to help cover the cost of rehab.
  6. Relapse Prevention – Do the drug rehab centers you are considering have any follow-up services? Relapse prevention is critical for long-term recovery success. Find an addiction treatment center that puts an emphasis on keeping you or a loved one drug-free after the treatment program has concluded.
  7. Family Education – Having a strong family support system helps recovery and relapse prevention significantly. Ask the drug rehab centers you are considering what type of family programs they offer. It is important for you or your loved ones to fully understand addiction and how to help an addict after drug rehab.

Choosing Your Drug Rehab Center

Everyone is different and we all heal in our own ways. Addiction recovery is not a one size fits all process. Ultimately, you need to determine what fits best for you or your loved one and start considering drug rehab centers based on those needs.

At The Raleigh House, we offer a comprehensive addiction treatment program for adults 18 and older. We combine both traditional and holistic healing methods with a focus on the mind and body connection including emotional awareness, nutrition, physical well-being and mental clarity. For more information about our addiction treatment center, call us at 720.891.4657.


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