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The Truth About Heroin and Seizures

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Seizures are just one more risk that comes with using heroin.

The biggest risks of heroin use, of course, are addiction, overdose and death. But it’s a little known fact that using can also cause seizures.

One study examined 49 cases of seizures resulting from drug use at a hospital in San Francisco. Seven of those cases were caused by heroin and another 11 by a combination of drugs. (Cocaine, with 32 cases, was the leading cause of drug-related seizures.)

How to Stay Safe During Heroin Seizures

The only sure way to prevent heroin seizures is to not use the drug. With that said, some people say that conditions like low blood sugar, exhaustion or dehydration can make one more susceptible to seizures. Eating a full meal before using and staying hydrated are two steps that could possibly help keep you safe.

If someone you know is experiencing a seizure, call 911 immediately and clear the space around them of any items they might come into contact with. If possible, put a coat or pillow underneath their head and roll the person into the recovery position, which means lying on one side.

It should be noted that it’s a myth that someone experiencing a seizure is at risk of choking on his or her tongue.

How long does Heroin affect my health?

Heroin can case seizures and other health risks, so you might be wondering how long Heroin will stay inside your body.

Heroin Rehab in Denver, Co.

Heroin use can cause seizures, but also overdose and death. Isn’t that enough of a reason to decided that you’re ready for a change?

At The Raleigh House, getting you off heroin is only half our goal. The other half is to teach you how to live a full and good life without numbing yourself. When you walk through our doors, our first goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable. You’re then assigned your own master’s level therapist who will work with you to come up with a plan for rehab—and to rebuild your life. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about the heroin addiction treatment program at The Raleigh House.

Life has a whole lot more to offer you than heroin—and we’d like to help you discover it.

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