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What is an Addiction Intervention?

An intervention for a loved one set up by friends and family.
Most drug interventions result in the addicted person seeking treatment.

An addiction intervention is sort of like a bridge. The goal is to help your loved one make the connection between drug use and all of the problems in their life.

While it may seem obvious to you and everybody else, your loved one may not recognize the negative effects drugs or alcohol has on their life—and on the lives of their family and friends.

The good news is that interventions usually work. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, over 90 percent of people make a commitment to get help after a professionally-led intervention.

How Alcohol and Drug Interventions Work

The first step is to decide whether you need a trained interventionist to help you. Then, you need to decide who else should participate. Anyone who has a sincere and loving relationship with the addicted person, including adult family members, friends and significant others, is welcome to join.

Each member of the intervention should prepare, in advance, what they want to say. Issues to address include:

  • How you have been hurt by your loved one’s behavior
  • Changes you have noticed in your loved one’s personality
  • How drugs or alcohol have affected your relationship with your loved one
  • What you think your loved one’s life could be like after treatment
  • A statement of unconditional love, followed by making it clear that you can no longer help your loved one self-destruct

An intervention is not the place to show anger or employ shame or guilt as tactics. The goal is simply to help your loved one realize the effects drugs or alcohol have had on their life and that they can life a full and rewarding life without them.

Have a Plan

If your loved one commits to getting help, you should have a plan for making that happen right away.

That means deciding what kind of rehab facility is best for your loved one, choosing a program and contacting the program to work out the details.

Keep in mind that research shows that programs that are at least 90 days are the most successful. This isn’t just about detoxing, which can be done fairly quickly. Rather, it’s about giving the body and brain the time it needs to heal—and learning the tools needed to live a good life without drugs or alcohol.

Comprehensive Addiction Rehab in Colorado

The Raleigh House is a residential treatment center located in Denver where your loved one can get the help he or she needs to heal and grow. Our team of experts works together to tackle the physical, psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of addiction. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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