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What makes Raleigh House different?

There’s this drug rehab in Colorado that is helping a lot of people deal with addiction with a proven and natural system. At The Raleigh House in Denver you or your loved ones are part of a safe warm and homelike environment with certified professionals assisting with the recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The Raleigh House understands young adults and what they need to endure crippling life obstacles such as addiction. Likewise, The Raleigh House uses a guided approach modeled to restore families connection with their loved ones who struggle with addiction

Clients are given individual attention that includes custom programs including clinical, nutritional and spiritual issues related to drug and alcohol addiction. The core treatment team in this addiction recovery center includes therapists, contracted doctors, nutritionists and psychiatrists as well as detox specialists if necessary. We use many different resources in the community giving us a vast reach for your needs.

This Drug Rehab in Denver is affordable. It is also comprehensive and state of the art in its implementation of proven traditional methods combined with holistic approaches as well. Spiritual growth physical rehabilitation and experiential learning are all part of this incredible program. The theme is compassion and respect and the ratio of staff-to-clients is high.

With such an environment and system put together your loved one has a great chance to return from the addiction recovery center fully recovered and ready to begin his/her life with a new found confidence and e. After graduation and completion of the program there are well established support groups as well as house alumni that offer continued support and a helping hand. Financial assistance is also extended on a case by case basis.

The Raleigh House provides state of the art comprehensive primary addiction treatment for young adults in a safe and warm home environment. Our program brings together the best of traditional and holistic recovery technology including nutritional support physical rehabilitation experiential learning and personal spiritual growth.


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