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Do You Need a Professional Addiction Interventionist?

A trained professional leads an addiction intervention.
A trained addiction interventionist is always a good idea, but there are times when it is absolutely critical.


An intervention is sort of like a root canal—except, of course, the stakes are a thousand times higher. If your oral surgeon is good, things will likely go smoothly. But if you try to skimp and get someone poorly trained to do the procedure, it’ll be agony.

Much in the same way, it’s a big advantage to hire a trained addiction interventionist to conduct your intervention in order to ensure the best odds of success.

In fact, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence reports that over 90 percent of people make a commitment to get help after an intervention led by a trained professional.

A drug intervention specialist knows what not to say during an intervention. They also know how to relate to your loved one—and have lots of experience dealing with addiction. Lastly, they’ll meet with you and your family ahead of time to prepare you for the intervention.

When a trained professional is not involved, the odds of your family member committing to rehab are basically cut in half.

When is a Professional Addiction Interventionist Necessary?

In a perfect world, everyone would hire a professional interventionist.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not usually cover the cost of an interventionist. If you’re also looking at paying for rehab, the expenses can add up quickly.

There are some cases, however, in which the skills of a professional interventionist are more critical. They include the following (as stated by The Mayo Clinic):

  • A history of violence
  • A history of mental illness
  • A substance abuser who is likely to deny the problem and possibly erupt in anger
  • A history of suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts
  • If using mood-altering substances to the point of volatility
  • If it’s hard to find a time when your loved one is not using

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