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How to Get Peer Support in Addiction Recovery

A woman on her phone, receiving peer support in her addiction recovery.
Peer support through The Raleigh House’s Alumni app can aid your recovery after you leave addiction treatment.

Hollywood money-makers like The Fast & Furious series, The Avengers movies and the film adaptation of the novel Little Women all have one thing in common: The protagonists are never alone in their journey.

Of course, real life isn’t like big-budget movies you see in theaters; Real people don’t drive Lykan HyperSports through skyscrapers or have supernatural powers to fight aliens. However, what these types of movies do get right is the fact that people are never alone in their triumphs and struggles.

Like the protagonists in your favorite films or novels, you need to lean on friends, family and others in recovery to help you maintain your sobriety after addiction treatment. At The Raleigh House, we’ve introduced our Alumni app to make it even easier to leverage peer support in your addiction recovery.

The Importance of Peer Support in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is your own personal movie villain, using every chance it gets to dismantle your sobriety and pull apart your recovery piece by piece. Fortunately, you don’t have to ward off addiction by yourself.

In addiction treatment, you had therapists, nurses and your fellow clients in rehab to support and guide you every single day. When you graduate from treatment, your new support network can include family and friends, sponsors, therapists, recovery meetings and even alumni from your treatment center.

This peer support in addiction recovery offers the following benefits:

A feeling of belonging. Did you turn to alcohol or drug use to help you feel like you better fit in? Accepting peer support in your addiction recovery means you’ll be part of a community that understands you and accepts you for who you are, helping you gain and maintain a sense of belonging you had been missing.

Emotional support during challenging times. In addiction recovery, you’ll experience life’s ups and downs. From personal loss to even gloomy days where you don’t feel your best, peer support can guide you through these challenging times and help you come out the other end stronger than before.

New, healthy friendships. Your life before treatment may have included many toxic relationships that encouraged your substance abuse. When you go to recovery meetings or reach out to other treatment alumni, you’ll have opportunities to create new, healthy relationships that support your sobriety.

Encouragement to stay sober. Completing addiction treatment is an incredible, transformational accomplishment you should be proud of! Loved ones, support group members and sponsors will all remind you of your courage and determination and continue encouraging your recovery.

Reduced relapse rates. New relationships, a sense of belonging and support during challenging times can lead to you staying sober longer. Ultimately, peer support in addiction recovery can help reduce your odds of relapsing.

How The Raleigh House Alumni App Provides the Support You Need

At The Raleigh House, we know how isolating addiction can be. That’s why we believe staying connected after treatment is crucial to your recovery. We’ve seen how life-changing peer support is during residential treatment at The Ranch, our wellness lodge just outside of Denver. And since transitioning back to everyday life after treatment can trigger feelings of loneliness and isolation again, we wanted to find a way to continue that peer support beyond treatment.

This led to the creation of our Alumni app. The Raleigh House has partnered with developers at Apple to produce an IOS and Android compatible app that allows clients to continue to receive the important benefits of peer support in addiction recovery.

Our Alumni app allows you to engage in:

  • Activities like recovery journals and gratitude lists
  • Recovery challenges you can join with others
  • Support from your peers who are also on the platform
  • Posts about both your good and challenging days in recovery
  • Tracking your sobriety

You can even post your favorite piece of music or go into the extensive library on the app to read about current advances in addiction.

Whether you need some one-on-one support, want to take advantage of the educational resources, or just want to say hello, the Raleigh House app is available for you to access 24/7 whenever you need peer support!

Get the Peer Support Needed in Treatment and Recovery at The Raleigh House

All protagonists need love and support in order to succeed. At The Raleigh House, we are committed to your recovery, even after you’ve graduated from treatment and are no longer a client.

Nearly one hundred of our alumni have already signed up for our app and are taking advantage of this extended community, so don’t wait to join! Or, if you currently need addiction treatment, don’t wait to start your recovery with us.

Contact our admissions team today to find out how to get started!

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