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How to Become a Happier Person in 5 Steps

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There is no secret to happiness, which comes from doing the right thing, enjoying friends and setting goals.


You deserve to be happy.

Isn’t that the message that society sends us? It’s our right to be happy. And, if we’re not, it’s time to take a look at the people around us and what they might have done to compromise our happiness.

But that’s not reality—at least according to research done in the field of positive psychology.

Happiness, it turns out, is an achievement. And, like all achievements, you have to work for it.

5 Tips for Happiness in Life

1. Achievement is one of the things that researchers say makes us happier in life. It’s not about power or prestige. Rather, it’s about finding something that we enjoy doing—and then working hard at it. That might mean your career, but it could also mean learning a new skill or hobby. And while money doesn’t necessarily add joy, getting out of debt definitely eliminates a major source of stress.

2. Take care of your health. It’s not always the first thing most of us want to do, but working out, eating right and getting enough sleep are the foundations on which to build a happy life. Taking those steps increase the feel-good chemical dopamine—and they also give us a sense of accomplishment.

3. Practice mindfulness. We hear that advice so much these days that it almost feels like a cliché, but here’s what it really means: Keeping your mind in the present moment. Your mind will fight you—and that’s OK. Just keep redirecting it to the moment. It’s also important to realize there’s a time to be mindful (like when you’re reading a story to your child or talking to a friend) and a time to day dream (like when you’re riding the train to work).

4. Engage with people. Study after study has shown the benefits of having relationships. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you need people in your life. Build a social network of people who make you feel happy and good and support your sobriety.

5. Give to others. It’s important to take care of yourself, especially now, but many people (and most religions) say that that the true secret to happiness is in giving to other people. In fact, there’s actually a term—“helper’s high”—that describes the feeling that results from giving either your time or money to others.

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