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Why a 90-Day Alcohol Rehab Program is Necessary

A woman stands on an asphalt road, with a long journey ahead of her as the sun shines on the horizon.
There are no quick fixes, especially when it comes to alcohol addiction. The journey may be long, but there is hope – and freedom – at the end.


There is a time and place for taking shortcuts.

Like when you’re late for an interview and could save two minutes by cutting through the gas station on the corner. Or when you decide to just eat the dough instead of making chocolate chip cookies.

But alcohol rehab is definitely not one of those times.

That’s because, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment programs are more successful when they are 90 days or more. Sure, “28 Days” might be a cute name for a movie, but it’s not the best move for people who are committed to recovery.

Yes, a 90-Day Alcohol Rehab Program Could be More Successful for You

Let’s take a stab at what you’re thinking: Other people may need the full 90 days, but you won’t. You’re super committed to recovery and will be able to get it done quicker than most people.

Maybe, but can you answer a few questions first?

  • What is the root cause of your addiction to alcohol and how are you going to address it?
  • How has alcohol addiction affected your mental and physical health and how will you address those changes?
  • What kind of activities do you find fun and rewarding?
  • What are the most effective ways for you to cope with your addiction once you leave treatment?

These are questions that need to be explored and addressed—not rushed through and covered over with a Band-Aid.

“How long does rehab take?” is one of the first questions people ask when considering treatment. That’s because nobody loves the idea of being away from their home, their family, their job or their school. Rather, 90-day rehab programs are something people do because they know it’s necessary and will change their lives.

The Big Question

Instead of asking yourself how long is rehab for alcohol, ask yourself what your life will look like 90 days from now without any changes.

No one else can answer that for you, but if you’re ready to make a change, we’re ready to support you in every possible way. Call us today or fill out this form for more information on The Raleigh House’s 90-day residential alcohol treatment program.

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