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Do You Have a Cocaine Problem?

CocaineCocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. It works by giving you a high that makes you feel on top of the world but in actual fact it’s destroying your brain cells. Habitual users of the drug increase the risks of suffering from the numerous side effects including overdoses heart attacks and mental health problems such as paranoia and panic attacks. Many users find themselves craving ever increasing quantities of the drug and this can be so expensive that the only way to pay for their fix is to resort to crime. You might have been relatively lucky so far and got away with a few bad come downs but if you persist you’re playing a game of odds and in the end chances are they’ll catch up with you.

It takes real courage to admit you have a problem and seek help for it. In order to successfully break the cycle of addiction you not only need support from your loved ones but experts who know what you’re going through. That’s why so many people go to rehab centers to help their recovery. By following a treatment program in a safe supportive environment such as the Raleigh House you are giving yourself the best opportunity to make a full and lasting recovery.

Rehab centers like the Raleigh House don’t just treat the physical cause of your addiction. Therapists help you look much deeper by using techniques such as hypnosis and somatic experiencing to find out why you started taking cocaine in the first place. Getting to the root of the problem is instrumental in your recovery and is the main reason rehab centers offer a better chance of successful lasting recovery than physical withdrawal on its own.

At the Raleigh House your drug treatment program is personalized for you. Everyone is unique and the right solution for someone else isn’t necessarily the best way for you. By pinpointing any nutritional and digestion issues staff at the center enable you to begin the physical healing process; this is designed to lessen the symptoms of withdrawl and make the process as pain free as possible.

No one is saying battling cocaine addiction is easy it will take all your mental strength and willpower. However by using a rehab center like the Raleigh House you will join forces to fight this battle with the best!


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