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The Effects of Snorting Heroin

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Snorting heroin is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t ever reach your potential or achieve your dreams.


It doesn’t take much more than a piece of paper to snort heroin. It leaves no track marks and requires no needles.

In some people’s minds—especially younger, newer users—that makes it feel safer and more socially acceptable.

The thing is, snorting heroin carries all the same risks of injecting heroin—and then some.

Let’s start with the risks that come with any type of heroin use. You could overdose and die the first time you use it—or the 100th. There’s simply no practical way of knowing how pure your heroin is.

Then there’s the obvious risk of addiction. Most people probably think that it will never happen to them, but the truth is that 23 percent of people who try heroin get addicted.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more: lung diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis,
liver disease, chronic insomnia, rheumatologic problems like arthritis, skin infections, a weakened immune system, infertility and chronic constipation.

Heroin When Snorted

In addition to all of that, there are some unique risks that come with snorting heroin. These included irritated nasal passages, sinus infections and lung damage.

But the real risk of snorting heroin is how easily it can lead to overdose. That’s because, when snorted, heroin reaches the brain more slowly than when injected. That makes users believe they need more, so they double up before the first round even takes effect.

Hope and Healing at The Raleigh House

Every time you use heroin you’re putting your life in your hands. If you can’t stop—or don’t know how to—it’s time to get help. At The Raleigh House, our team can help you overcome every aspect of addiction. The first step is to detox—in a safe, medically-supervised way that is as comfortable as possible. We then get to work on making you strong—mentally, physically and emotionally. Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about the heroin treatment program at The Raleigh House.

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