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Rehab in Denver for Women: The Raleigh House for Addiction Treatment

A woman opening up to her therapist in an individual therapy session during residential treatment.
Besides addiction, women oftentimes struggle with depression, anxiety or PTSD caused by sexual abuse. This is why they need an addiction treatment center where they feel safe and protected.

A woman warily entered the pasture where a few horses were peacefully grazing. She was in rehab at The Raleigh House for addiction and sexual abuse. Her equine therapist introduced her to a couple mares, but she eyed the male horse suspiciously.

She asked to keep the male horse away, sparking the equine specialist to ask her why. She wasn’t actually sure why she didn’t want to pet the male horse, so she agreed to let him approach her.

Sensing her pain, the horse came right up to the woman and wrapped his head around her and embraced her. Before she could process what she was feeling, the horse then pinned its ears back, turned away from her and chased away a dog that was getting close.

When the horse trotted back up to her, his behaviors were clear: He was protecting her.

From that point on, the woman realized she had been living her life as if she didn’t deserve love. But after this emotional, eye-opening moment, she was now on her way to feeling worthy again.

This is the type of treatment and healing women experience at The Raleigh House. No matter if your addiction has stemmed from depression, anxiety or sexual abuse, we can restore your hope through effective, compassionate and judgment-free dual diagnosis treatment.

Denver Addiction Help for Women at The Raleigh House

Many women like yourself turn to substance use to cope with depression, anxiety and even the trauma caused by past or ongoing sexual abuse. While you’ve made the courageous decision to seek help, there’s still the question of where to turn and who to trust.

Is there a rehab center that will understand what I’m dealing with and help me heal from the pain? Am I worth it when women don’t seem to be believed or get the help they deserve after they’ve been sexually assaulted?

These are natural concerns to have when searching for a rehab facility. There’s also a lot to consider when searching for treatment for addiction and mental health challenges like depression, anxiety or trauma. Fortunately, we can help.

Here’s why The Raleigh House is a good fit for women like you who are searching for safe, credible rehab in Denver.

1. Our Safe, Relaxing Location Gets You Away from Your Everyday Environment

One of the reasons dual diagnosis treatment fails is because the facility doesn’t get its clients away from their everyday lives and triggers. Their clients are unable to disconnect from their home responsibilities, jobs and even the toxic relationships influencing their addiction.

That’s why The Raleigh House’s wellness lodge is tucked away on 40 acres of pristine Colorado land, just outside the Denver metro area. This gives you a secluded and private place to get away from your everyday life and focus all your energy and attention on healing. When you’re physically removed from the environment where you’ve struggled, you’re more likely to relax, feel safe and be more open to treatment.

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2. We Provide Dual Diagnosis Treatment to Address Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

Clearing your body of alcohol or drugs is only part of the recovery process. If you don’t address what the underlying triggers or causes of your addiction are, you’ll be more likely to relapse into your old ways after treatment.

At The Raleigh House, we know you didn’t just wake up one day and decide to get addicted to alcohol or opioids. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety and trauma can be crippling and leave you feeling worthless. Our dual diagnosis treatment helps you uncover these issues and develop new ways of thinking and coping, so you don’t fall back to substance abuse after you return to everyday life.

3. Our Staff Understands What You’re Going Through and Can Help You Through It

Addiction, especially when it’s mixed with sexual abuse or depression, has an insidious way of making you feel like you’re not deserving of love and compassion. But the truth is, you are. And when you come to The Raleigh House, you’ll be treated with the dignity, respect and care you deserve.

Our team includes highly experienced and licensed clinical staff whose main priority is your recovery. Our staff never uses judgment, shame or guilt when working with you. Instead, they leverage compassion, empathy and evidence-based techniques to help you heal from your dual diagnosis disorders.

Find Hope, Love and Healing at The Raleigh House

Addiction is destructive. Sexual abuse, depression and anxiety take pieces of you and try to break you down. But none of these things define you if you don’t let them. At The Raleigh House, we’re here to help you recover from addiction. But we’re also committed to restoring your hope, self-esteem and confidence.

At our wellness lodge just outside of Denver, you can escape the chaos and pain of your old life. Our evidence-based treatment combined with holistic therapies like equine therapy within a safe, judgment-free environment gives you the chance to find lasting recovery from dual diagnosis disorders.

Ready to overcome addiction? Fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs.

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