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Addiction Recovery Myths: Part 3

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Contrary to what some may think, family members are not helpless in their loved one’s battle with addiction.


Many people still view addiction as a moral failure—even after years of studies and research that tell us it’s a disease.

But that’s not the only thing we’ve gotten wrong. We fail to understand many of the causes of addiction, the best way to treat addiction and what addiction recovery really looks like.

Here are three common addiction myths worth dispelling.

Addiction Myth 1: Only People with Severe Problems Need Treatment

When someone loses their job or crashes their car, it’s obvious that they need help. But there are many others on that same path of destruction who would benefit greatly from getting help before they lose their job, health or family.

Fact: Substance abuse is easier to treat before it becomes advanced.

Addiction Myth 2: There is Nothing Family or Friends Can Do to Help

You’ve probably heard it said that your loved one won’t get better unless they have a strong desire to change.

That can be true, especially if your loved one has access to money, food and a place to live.

But when you stop enabling your loved one by setting clear rules and sticking to them, he or she will begin to feel the consequences of their choices. It’s this kind of pressure that often leads to a desire to get help.

Fact: Family members often become the champions of their loved one’s recovery.

Addiction Myth 3: Recovery is Boring

Let’s be honest: When someone first starts using, the experience can be fun, exciting and even glamorous. But drugs and alcohol always take more than they give. Eventually, an addict’s world shrinks to nothing but their drug of choice.

Recovery is the act of getting one’s life back. It’s about expanding your world to include all of the things addiction took away, including family, friends, interests and passions. It’s also about living honestly and openly and making authentic connections with people.

In other words, life becomes infinitely more interesting.

Fact: Treatment allows people to regain control of their lives.

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