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How Brands are Marketing Alcohol Today

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Advertisers want us to buy their products, but it’s important for you to protect your health.

Think about the last time you ate an Oreo or your favorite brand of chips. If you were trying to be healthy, chances are you checked the nutrition information. You might not have stopped at the serving sizes of two cookies or 15 chips, but at least you knew what you were getting into.

This type of labeling is not required for alcohol. A serving of beer is commonly regarded as one bottle or can, but the amount of alcohol can vary wildly from brand to brand. The same goes for wine, which can range from about 9 percent alcohol to 13 percent.

Increasing the amount of alcohol Americans drink definitely increases alcohol sales. But there are other ways alcohol manufactures work to sell more beer, wine and spirits at your expense.

Alcohol as an Experience

According to Fortune Magazine, alcohol brands are now marketing their products as “experiences” that will play well on social media.

According to Fortune, younger drinkers are less likely to stick to just beer, wine, or spirits. They are open to switching from one to another because they are looking for authenticity. That’s why craft beer has seen such a boom as well as certain top shelf spirits.

Alcohol Branding in Movies and on TV

Younger people are strongly influenced by what they see in movies and on TV according to a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. What’s especially alarming is that the study found that 90 percent of the movies that included “alcohol brand appearances” were rated as appropriate for viewing by children.

The bottom line is the alcohol industry is not looking out for your well-being – In fact, the more you drink, the more money they make.

Strive to be an educated consumer and take your health into your own two hands. Not sure what problem drinking really is? Take a look at this.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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