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How to Become a Sponsor and Help Recovering Addicts

Should I become a sponsor
Many recovering addicts want to give back to the community by offering their support to people who are just getting started with recovery. In this post, you’ll learn more about what it means to be an addiction recovery sponsor, how it may help your own recovery and how to know if you’re ready.

Addiction Recovery Sponsors: What are They?

When it comes to drug or alcohol addiction, a sponsor is a person who helps a newly recovering addict during the early stages of recovery by offering mentorship, support and friendship. Because sponsors are typically addicts in recovery themselves, they may have a better understanding of how to help someone who has recently completed a professional treatment program.

How Does Sponsorship Help?

Benefits for you: When you lend a hand to a fellow recovering addict, you may experience increased self-esteem, confidence and a stronger sense of purpose. Positive feelings like these could help you stay more focused, grounded and dedicated to your own ongoing recovery.

Benefits for others: As a recovering addict yourself, you’ve experienced many of the same emotions and challenges facing people still in early recovery. This makes you uniquely qualified to help newcomers stay motivated, maintain their discipline and avoid common relapse triggers .

What are My Responsibilities as a Sponsor?

Your primary responsibility in sponsoring a recovering addict is simply to be there. That means sharing your own recovery experiences, lending an ear, providing sober resources and guiding the person through the recovery program. Many recovery sponsors even choose to give out their phone numbers to help maintain open communications.

Am I Ready to Be a Sponsor?

If you’re participating in a 12-step program yourself, your own sponsor may have helpful insight for you to consider. Has your sponsor ever told you that you should think about helping other addicts? This could be an indication that you’re ready to be a sponsor.

Another sign that you could be ready is that you’re actively engaged with the 12 steps and making consistent progress. Depending on the guidelines of your specific program, you may not need to complete all of the steps before sponsoring others.

Perhaps most importantly, you feel strongly about giving back. If you’ve been in recovery for a considerable time and your life is improving day-by-day, it’s natural to want to help others achieve the same. In any case, if you feel you’re ready and your own sponsor agrees, it’s probably time to volunteer.

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