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Does Alcohol Cause High Blood Pressure?

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A little red wine might offer some minor health benefits, but heavy drinking is always bad for your health.

One of the reasons why is that drinking can lead to high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association.

The damage can be done in two ways: Binge drinking can lead to a potentially dangerous short-term increase in blood pressure and long-term drinking can lead to consistently elevated blood pressure.

Why Does Alcohol Cause High Blood Pressure?

The relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure was first suggested in 1915. Since then, numerous studies have confirmed the link.

According to a study on alcohol-induced hypertension published in the World Journal of Cardiology, alcohol causes a number of different reactions in the body that raise blood pressure, including an increase in cortisol levels.

But alcohol can raise blood pressure in another way. We all know how drinking can lead to the consumption of extra calories, as well as to poor food choices. The extra pounds that often follow can cause higher blood pressure as well.

How Alcohol Causes High Blood Pressure—and What to Do About It

The good news is that heavy drinkers who cut back to moderate drinking can lower both their systolic blood pressure and their diastolic blood pressure.

Going cold turkey isn’t always the best idea, however, as it can spike blood pressure. Instead, slowly reduce how much you drink over a two-week period.

If you’re unable to limit or control how much you drink, that’s a sign that you may need help to get better.

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