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4 Misconceptions About Insurance Coverage for Addiction Rehab

An admissions specialist trying to verify a patient’s insurance before addiction treatment begins.
Many misconceptions about insurance coverage for rehab prevent people from seeking addiction treatment.

Imagine if you came down with the flu or had a nagging back pain that was affecting your day-to-day. If the symptoms didn’t subside with home remedies, your next step would be to see a doctor. So, you find a doctor in your area, work an appointment into your busy schedule and go to the appointment.

Unfortunately, your hope for relief drops when you’re told by the receptionist at your appointment that your insurance won’t be accepted. You’ll have to pay full price for the visit and any additional treatments needed.

Insurance can be an incredibly frustrating process that makes it difficult to see the doctor you want to see or get the coverage you need for care. And for your loved one who is trying to get addiction treatment, the last thing they need is to struggle paying for treatment or have an insurance company slow down their recovery process.

There are many misconceptions about insurance coverage for addiction rehab that can deter your loved one from getting the treatment they need. This article will debunk some of these myths and give you the information needed to help your loved one get coverage for treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Rehab?

Myth 1: Insurance Plans Don’t Cover Addiction Treatment

It’s important to nip this one in the bud immediately. The reality is most insurance companies provide some level of coverage for addiction treatment. What isn’t always clear is what your loved one’s specific insurance plan includes.

As your loved one is trying to courageously take the next step to get treatment, help them call their insurance provider to get details about their specific insurance plan. Does it cover addiction treatment? And if so, how much coverage is provided? If insurance coverage isn’t included in your loved one’s current plan, is there a way to get coverage?

Asking the insurance provider directly is the fastest way for you and your loved one to find out what sort of insurance coverage your loved one has for addiction rehab.

Myth 2: Addiction Treatment is Too Expensive

This is another myth that often prevents people struggling with addiction from seeking help. While addiction rehabs can get pricey because of the medical care, treatment and amenities provided, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires insurance companies to treat substance addiction the way they do other physical diseases.

This means insurance companies need to offer levels of coverage for addiction treatment so people like your loved one can more easily pay for the life-saving care they need and deserve.

However, it’s important to note that not every insurance plan is created equal. As mentioned above, you should contact your loved one’s insurance provider and find out what sort of coverage they do have with their healthcare plan.

When you’re able to estimate how much insurance coverage your loved one will get, you can then plan out additional ways to cover the remaining rehab costs, if necessary.

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Myth 3: Insurance Providers Deny Addiction Treatment Coverage

This myth stems from the stigma around substance addiction. Fortunately, how we approach addiction and treatment throughout the nation is changing. As already mentioned, insurance providers have to treat substance abuse the same way they do other diseases.

In other words, if your loved one is diagnosed with substance addiction that requires medical care and treatment, their insurance provider can’t just deny them treatment.

However, it’s important for your loved one to get a medical assessment done with a doctor who can diagnose their addiction and any other mental health issues they are struggling with. This will make it easier for them to prove to their insurance provider that they need treatment.

Myth 4: Insurance is Required to Get into Addiction Treatment Programs

It’s no secret that addiction treatment is easier to pay for when your loved one has insurance coverage. However, insurance is by no means required in order to enroll in an addiction treatment program.

In fact, there are many other ways for your loved one to pay for treatment. From income-based payment plans to drug rehab financing and loans, there are many resources available to help your loved one pay for addiction treatment.

Recovery is Possible for Your Loved One at The Raleigh House

When your loved one is struggling with substance addiction, the most important thing you can do is help them get the recovery process started. At The Raleigh House, we work with many insurance providers and offer information on additional ways to pay for treatment.

Our ultimate goal is to help your loved one heal from addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. They can’t do that if they’re worrying about how they’re going to pay for treatment, which is why we guide them through the admissions process and can verify their insurance for them.

If your loved one is ready to overcome addiction and regain a life of sobriety, fill out our form or contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs.

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